Restaurant Row Over Power Outages


The heat wave caused power failures for many eateries on Smith Street from Sunday night through most of Tuesday, according to The Daily News, and restaurant owners are demanding that Con Ed pay them back for lost business and wares. Here’s what some of the owners have to say:

-“They suck!” said Carroll Gardens Classic Diner owner Spero Katehis, who claims he lost $12,000 in wasted food and lost business. “They should’ve fixed the problem last year. I believe they’re patching things up. And when you patch up it’s going to break again. It’s 2008, this is New York City, we should have cables that don’t break.”

-“How are they going to give us this service when we pay them $3,600 a month in electricity?” said Taeseok Lee, a manager of Smith’s Grocery. “Everybody was p—-d off.”

-“It’s hard to listen to their BS lies every year,” said Boerum Hill Food Company employee Peter Morgano. “The bill keeps going up, but service keeps going down. You would think that after their debacle last year in Queens they would learn their lesson.”

A Con Ed spokesperson said the utility has paid out $48,000 in claims to business owners in the community so far.

Restaurants Are Fed Up With Power Outages, Want Refunds From Con Ed [NY Daily News]
Photo by leslieannprice.

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