Closing Bell: New Coaster Breaks Ground at Coney Island


Coney Island’s Luna Park held a ground breaking ceremony today, above, for a big new roller coaster called the Thunderbolt. The coaster, which is scheduled to open May 22, will be the first at the beachside amusement park since 1910 to include a loop, The Wall Street Journal reported. The ride will go as fast as 56 miles an hour with a 115-foot vertical drop, followed by a 100-foot vertical loop and five inversions.

The original Thunderbolt operated from 1925 to 1982, was sold to a fried chicken mogul and burned down, said the Journal. The ride was later made famous by Woody Allen’s 1977 film “Annie Hall,” and it was torn down in 2000 to make way for the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium.

Coney Island Is Getting the Thunderbolt [WSJ]
Photo by Luna Park

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