Barclays Center Makes it to the Map


    The Post reports that “Barclays Center” has been added to the online version of the subway map, as one can see above. Here’s the back story, from the Post:

    The transit hub — which connects to the under-construction arena set to open in September and serves nine subway lines plus the LIRR — was revised online to “Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center” as part of the agency’s first naming-rights deal approved in 2009. Printed subway maps and station signage won’t be updated until the summer, said officials yesterday. Barclays Center developer Bruce Ratner has agreed to pay the MTA $200,000 over 20 years for the name change.

    Meanwhile, Atlantic Yards Report weighs in on the name change, calling it “sloppy”: “Well, the MTA was a wee bit sloppy. After all, the subway hub is known as Atlantic Av/Pacific St. The entrance to the N/R/D lines running along Fourth Avenue originally had both names, as indicated in the screenshot from a May 2011 map, below. By that logic, the station along those lines should be renamed Pacific St-Barclays Center. Was the MTA so concerned about getting the arena mentioned that they’d mislead straphangers?”

    We don’t know if any of this really qualifies as news, but the $200,000 over 20 years stat does jump out. UPDATE: The Post did not make it clear that it is $200,000 a year over 20 years for the naming rights.
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