raccoon-1.jpgWe’ve heard reports of four separate raccoon sightings on or near 4th Avenue over the past week. Three of the sightings were on Carroll Street—one guy says he saw a raccoon scurrying from the stalled construction site on the corner of Carroll out onto the avenue—while the fourth was close to the entrance of J.J. Byrne Park on 3rd Street. The iPhone pic to the right was captured two nights ago by one of the employees of the car service on Carroll and 4th. The driver says the raccoon hissed at him when he was going in for the close-up. GMAP

rooster.jpgA reader asks the Times, “One of my neighbors in Gowanus has taken to keeping a rooster in his backyard. It wakes me up nearly every day. Is it legal to keep a barnyard animal in New York City?” Nope, male chickens are not allowed, though their opposite-sex counterparts are. According to the health code, most barnyard animals are against the law in any “built-up portion of the city” aside from horses, chickens and rabbits, and permits plus coops and runways are required for the latter two.
Photo by garreyf.