Upstate New York Books About Catskills

The world north of New York City has been a muse for countless writers, photographers, musicians and artists who draw inspiration from its wild corners and storied past. If you can’t slip away for a weekend retreat, bring the rolling hills, quaint towns and quirky characters of Upstate New York right to your living room with a good book.

We tapped the well-read team at The Golden Notebook, the fabulous Woodstock, N.Y., independent bookstore, for a list of their New York State must-reads. (more…)


Straight to the plate at Blue Hill at Stone Barnes. Photo via Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.

The Hudson Valley is home to some of the richest farmland around, bringing spectacular farm-to-table dining to all corners of Upstate New York. Capture true local flavor during a weekend getaway with these fantastic, straight-from-the-field culinary escapes. (more…)

Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes can generate serious plumbing problems. Photo by bradleypjohnson via Flickr

Don’t let your pipe dreams turn into nightmares this winter. When temperatures drop, frozen pipes cause homeowner headaches ranging from inconvenient water outages to burst pipes and pricey repair jobs.

The fate of your pipes all comes down to location, location, location — the more contact they have with Old Man Winter’s icy chill, the more vulnerable they are. The most at-risk pipes usually lie alongside your home’s exterior, within exterior walls or in unheated areas like a garage or crawl space.

Whether you’re in an Upstate farmhouse or Park Slope brownstone, follow these tips to keep your plumbing in top shape this winter. (more…)

Upstate NY Day Trips Stone Barns Center

Stone Barns Center in Pocantico Hills. Photo via Stone Barns Center

Make good on your new year’s resolution to turn off the Netflix marathons and get out into the world. These quick and easy Upstate New York escapes are great day trips that suit a range of interests — plus, you don’t need a car to get to any of them. (more…)

This feature was written by Melissa Andersen and first posted on And North, a curated guide to upstate NY featuring the best of travel and lifestyle north of New York City.

For upstate restaurateur Agnes Devereux, to live in a historic home is to be endowed with a certain responsibility, one that she gladly takes on with her early-19th-century farmhouse in New Paltz, New York.

“I feel that we’re just the caretakers of this house for this moment in time, and one day somebody else will probably live here. And we just hope that they’ll love it as much as we do,” she said. (more…)

Renting Out Your Home for the Winter -- Tips

Photo illustration by Barbara Eldredge. Cabin photo via Flickr, people via The Queenslander via Flickr

While a snowy upstate winter may not be your cup of cocoa, many urban- and suburbanites crave a secluded escape in the great, grey, blustery wilds.

Renting out your second home for the winter is a fantastic way to generate income, supplement the season’s maintenance costs, and keep your home occupied and loved while you’re away. However, with winter’s short days and potentially cruel conditions, a cold-season stay can require specific upkeep and strategy to make sure renters enjoy their visit. (more…)

Closing Your House for Winter

Photo by Rebecca Louie

Now that the cookouts, hikes and bonfires are fading with the last licks of autumn, you may be planning to shut down your home until spring, be it in Upstate New York or elsewhere. Make sure your country getaway survives the snowstorms, freezing temps and determined pests that dominate the winters. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your house safe and snug until you return. (more…)

Upstate New York Catskills Bungalow Narrowsburg Art

Photo by Katie Lobel for And North

Amid the dense forest trails, serene streams and secret waterfalls of Narrowsburg, New York, a hidden jewel of a home can be found in this charming upstate town. Welcome to Smokey Belles: A self-described queer-friendly multimedia artists’ homestead planted in one of the strongest arts and cultural communities in the Catskills. (more…)

Farmhouse Renovation Home Design Saugerties Catskills

Seven years ago, when Brooklyn-based couple David and Lori Brown began their hunt for an upstate home to buy and restore, they were envisioning a farmstead, complete with a view of the Catskill Mountains and a fireplace. After three years of rifling online and touring grounds across Ulster County, they found just that: a 200-year-old farmhouse near the village of Saugerties, N.Y. (more…)

Coxsackie NY Homes for Sale at 2-4 Mansion St Coxsackie NY

Here’s a two-for-one special like no other: Conjoined twin brick townhouses built in 1825, located upstate in the historic Greene County village of Coxsackie.

The Federal-style houses at 2-4 Mansion Street contain a host of original details including six chimneys (which means a whole bunch of fireplaces), antique windows, slate roofing, newel posts, pocket doors, intricate moldings and mantels. An interior size of 3,000 square feet and six bedrooms makes this one spacious riverside house on the Hudson. The asking price is $280,000. (more…)