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Cypress Hills J Station, arguably the most decrepit station in Brooklyn

The New York City Transit system needs help, and the state and city are both saying “not it” when it comes to accepting responsibility for the bill. Evidence of the Transit budget crisis is apparent throughout Brooklyn’s most decrepit stations, and Thursday afternoon’s broken rail along the L line is just the latest incident in a string of commuting troubles.

But which authority should pony up more funds for the beleaguered subway system? Where should the money come from? (more…)

Park Slope 7th Av Station Changes

Coincidentally following a recent report comparing the MTA’s budget crisis to a Grecian tragedy, New York City Transit has proposed a series of improvements to the 7th Avenue F and G station estimated to cost $400,000. Locals, however, say the improvements are not enough.

Neighborhood organization Preserve Park Slope sent out an email encouraging the community to attend a meeting on the matter this Thursday.


G Train Derailment

The front car of a southbound G train derailed some 600 feet from the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station last night, leading to the evacuation of 80 odd straphangers through the tunnel walkway to the platform. Although there were no major injuries, a child and two adults were taken to Brooklyn Hospital for minor ones, the New York Daily News reported.

The G train, however, will not recover so quickly — delays and extremely limited service are expected along the entire line.


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Brooklyn school buildings James W. Naughton

Here’s a look at some of the best school buildings in the city of Brooklyn, and the man who designed them.

Schools have always been important in Brooklyn. The second school in the entire New Amsterdam colony was built here, in Williamsburgh in 1662. The first Brooklyn public school was also in Williamsburgh, opening in 1826.

In 1855, the City of Brooklyn incorporated. It established a Brooklyn Board of Education and chose Samuel B. Leonard as its first Superintendent of Buildings, a position that entailed designing and overseeing all of the school construction in this growing city.

Leonard held the position from 1859-79 and was succeeded by James W. Naughton, who held the position from 1879-98.

For almost 20 years, Naughton designed ALL of the schools built in Brooklyn, totaling more than 100 buildings. (more…)

Worst Subway Stations Map

Greek mythology’s cursed Sisyphus figures prominently in a new report about the New York City subway system by nonprofit civic organization Citizens Budget Commission of New York. Like Sisyphus’ perpetual struggle to push a rock to the top of the hill, only to have it roll back down, the constant wear and tear and lack of funds make it seemingly impossible to keep all 467 stations in what the commission deems a “state of good repair,” otherwise known as SGR.

A station is rated by counting up the number of its structural elements (i.e. stairs, platform edges, ventilators, etc.) and noting how many of them and what percentage are in good condition.