Brooklyn Streetcar Queens Connector

Photo of Mayor Bill de Blasio by Kevin Case via Wikipedia. Rendering from Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector via NYT

Bummed the L train might not run for a year? Cursing the G train’s spotty service? The Mayor finally has some good transit news — he’s backing the Brooklyn Queens Connector, a high-profile proposal for a 16-mile waterfront streetcar line running from Sunset Park to Astoria.

If built, it will be a transportation breakthrough for Brooklyn. But hold onto your Metrocards, the trek to streetcar utopia won’t happen overnight. (more…)

Brooklyn Streetcar

Rendering and map of proposed streetcar system from Friends of the Brooklyn-Queens Connector via Daily News

Talk of a streetcar system connecting Brooklyn and Queens has been in the air for years — the subway is Manhattan-centric, and Citi Bike isn’t optimal when you’re trying to get from Red Hook to Long Island City.

To reignite interest in the plan for a streetcar running along the waterfront from Sunset Park to Astoria, a booster group called Friends of the Brooklyn-Queens Connector have released glossy new renderings of our possible streetcar-filled future.

Would you ride? (more…)

Cuomo De Blasio Subway

Cypress Hills J Station, arguably the most decrepit station in Brooklyn

The New York City Transit system needs help, and the state and city are both saying “not it” when it comes to accepting responsibility for the bill. Evidence of the Transit budget crisis is apparent throughout Brooklyn’s most decrepit stations, and Thursday afternoon’s broken rail along the L line is just the latest incident in a string of commuting troubles.

But which authority should pony up more funds for the beleaguered subway system? Where should the money come from? (more…)