DeKalb Market Hall Brooklyn Hard Hat Tour

“I think Brooklyn deserves all this,” said DeKalb Market Hall managing partner Anna Castellani as she guided Brownstoner on a hard-hat tour of the subterranean cafeteria. Beneath the mixed-use behemoth of Downtown Brooklyn’s second City Point tower, a sprawling food market is quickly taking shape. (more…)

Donate Clothes Brooklyn

One of the major barriers to getting rid of stuff is that it’s not always easy to figure out what the heck to do with it all.

If you throw away reusable items, you’re being wasteful. If you stick your things out on the curb with a “Free! No Bedbugs!” sign, there’s a chance the landlord or super will get mad — and an even bigger chance that nobody will believe that the stuff is, indeed, safe to take (making you both wasteful and a litterer), so that’s out.

The ethical and logical action to take with reusable items is obviously to donate it all, and we want to make that as easy as possible for you. Below is some information to help make donation easy, complete with contact information for who can come pick up your items and briefs on what each charity wants and where they are.

What are your favorite donation spots? Together, we can get this done right while clearing the way for a deep-clean in the spring. (more…)

Gift Guide

Holiday shopping season is in full swing and — oh? You haven’t started shopping yet? Don’t worry — Brownstoner’s staff picked out a boatload of gift ideas to celebrate Brooklyn’s makers, bakers, authors and museums. And if buying physical stuff isn’t in your plans, there are plenty of other ways to give — via your time and donations — in Brooklyn, too. (more…)

Greenpointers fall market

Autumn in Brooklyn is a season of discoveries, where every leaf is a new flower and the first signs of sweater weather lure residents out into crisp sun-kissed afternoons. And so was the case on Sunday, when Brownstoner visited the annual Greenpointers Fall Market for a full day of live entertainment, shopping courtesy of 50-plus vendors, and activities, including henna tattooing (our favorite part of the day). (more…)