Originally listed for $14 million in May, this property at 2134 Ocean Parkway in Gravesend was the most expensive freestanding house in Brooklyn. Not anymore though. The price was cut to $10.8 million last week. The opulent interiors of this 9,200-square-foot, seven bedroom, 6.5 bath residence make us think of a cruise ship. What do you think it’s worth?

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The four-unit, “boutique” building at 290 13th Street has actually been on the market since November 2009, although we’ve never covered it here. We just noticed price cuts on it, though, and checked out its long pricing history. The four two-bedroom units were first priced in the high $900,000s and up, but were pulled off the market seven months later. All four units resurfaced on the market with price cuts, but were pulled again last July. Now, perhaps, the third time will be a charm: the building’s back on the market, this time priced from $865,000 for 1,194 square feet to $1,200,000 for 2,208 square feet. Think people will finally bite?
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111 Monroe, the 29-unit condo building off Bedford Avenue in Bed Stuy, went to market in April 2009 and has gone through two rounds of price reductions since.The building doesn’t have far to go though, so the latest batch of cuts may be enough to get the job done. When we checked in June the building was 70 percent sold and now the seven remaining units have all been reduced by between five and ten percent each. Now two-bedrooms are priced from $399,000 to $430,000 and one-bedrooms at $340,000. Think that’ll do the trick? GMAP

As Curbed noted on Friday, The Edge, one of the mega developments on the East River in Williamsburg, just announced they would be dropping prices on some units in its 30-story southern building. This is particularly noteworthy because throughout the downturn developer Jeff Levine has made a point of saying that he wasn’t going to cut prices. Now, however, you can pick up an 827-square-foot one bedroom that used to list at $670,000 for the cool price of $580,000; other as-yet-undisclosed deals in the 360-unit building are also to be had. They’re also lowering monthly common charges and offer a 25-year tax abatement. The Edge hopes to pass the 50% mark in their first phase of selling this summer. A realistic goal? GMAP

Guess who’s cutting prices again? Our old friend 80 Met, which passed the 50-percent-sold mark back in February. According to Curbed, seven units at the Steiner project got whacked up to 13 percent in recent days, including Penthouse T, which went from asking $1,459,000 to $1,270,000. More details on the link.

According to StreetEasy there are 18 units left at One Hanson, the high-profile condo conversion of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building that hit the market back in 2006. Also according to StreetEasy, five of the upper-floor listings underwent price reductions this week. Nothing huge—all were in the neighborhood of five percent—but every little bit helps. All five have open houses on Sunday from 2 to 5, conveniently timed to overlap with the Brooklyn Flea taking place downstairs! GMAP

Things have been going pretty well for Toren lately–every time we looked at the list of new closings last March it felt like we’d see 150 Myrtle Avenue in the mix. There are at least a few units that are proving tough to move, though, it appears. Curbed noticed yesterday that there were some big price reductions at a handful (six to be exact) of units in the SOM-designed tower in Downtown Brooklyn. Most notably, a pair of apartments on the sixth floor were cut by 22 percent each. Check out the entire list on the link. GMAP

The Julius Liebman Mansion at 380 Clinton Avenue has now been on the market for about a year so we thought it was worth putting in a call to the broker to see if there was any news. Here’s what we found out: No buyer yet, but the price has been cut from $5,500,000 to $4,500,000. The reduction brings the price per square foot for the 9,200-square-foot pad below the $500 mark.
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Julius Liebman Mansion Hits the Market [Brownstoner]

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1860 Bedford Avenue has been sitting vacant and derelict for several years now, after a boneheaded miscalculation by the current owner who had wanted to move his medical practice into the building only to find, after buying it, that commercial uses are prohibited in Lefferts Manor. That was his first mistake. His second was to be greedy on the resale back when the market was still strong: Back in the first half of 2008, when it was a House of the Day, the asking price was $900,000. As of the beginning of this year, the price tag has been reduced to $650,000. The potential is obviously amazing, but is the price still too high? Probably, but getting closer. At this point, the neighbors would probably be willing to kick in a few bucks just to get rid of this guy!
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House of the Day: 1860 Bedford Avenue [Brownstoner]
What’s Up with 1860 Bedford Avenue [Brownstoner]

The new condo building at 125 North 10th Street in Williamsburg got some nice ink in The Times last month when The Hunt column featured a couple opting for a two-bedroom in the building. The press couldn’t have hurt, but it wasn’t enough to remove the need for a little pre-Christmas price-cutting. According to StreetEasy, two units had their asking prices reduced by more than 10 percent last week. A 1,048-square-foot two-bedroom went from $754,500 to $649,000 and a 1,054-square-foot penthouse went from $1,100,000 to $945,000. The broker’s website shows that 24 apartments are still available. Out of 86 total, that’s still not too bad a batting average in this market. GMAP