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Our second bathroom is FINISHED! This month marks the one-year-anniversary of the purchase of our new home, and the anniversary of us surviving 12 months of life in a two-bedroom apartment (with three kids!) following the sale of our jumbo-sized Queen Anne home in Ditmas Park.

When we bought the beach house last summer, we were thrilled by many things about it: the stunning view, the marble fireplace mantel and, yes, even the lucky find of a full bathroom on the attic level. But with that bath’s dark floral wallpaper, a badly cracked floor and a toilet that hadn’t flushed in over 30 years, we knew it’d be a full gut.

It also happened to be the only bathroom with a view of the water, so I was really looking forward to it becoming something less skeevtastic. Initial dialogue with contractors centered around simply replacing the existing toilet, sink and tub.

But once I discovered an enchanting little blue tile at Brooklyn’s Decor Planet, I knew I was heading to Mermaidville on a magical cloud of fairy dust. (more…)

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I ain’t gonna lie, I LOVED the master bathroom before.

Sure, the built-in vanity nook had outdated mirrors with glass and metal shelving (oy, the clinking!), but the bathroom also had a spacious layout, pink tiles rising to the ceiling paired with turquoise trim pieces, a metallic blue floral wallpaper on the ceiling, and an all around old Hollywood glamour vibe.

But it was the surprise siren in the shower that really had me at hello… (more…)

Time for a little holiday getaway. This four-bedroom, four-bath vacation home located in the Sea Gate area of Coney Island has some unusual and whimsical touches. It also happens to be owned by Emmanuel Garofalo, who The New York Daily News called a “known Gambino crime family mobster.”

There are a few chandeliers strewn about, but overall the feeling is cheerful, casual and bright, as one might expect of a seaside lair. There is an iridescent blue and black bath whose coloring recalls fish scales or mermaids. The tile in the master bath appears to be printed with faces from famous Italian art.

There is a parquet floor in the media room, and the entry hall has a leaded glass door and transoms and what appears to be a slate floor. The cabinetry’s pneumatic legs make the black and silver kitchen look as if it’s about to achieve liftoff.

Do you find it appealing for $1,198,000?

4011 Atlantic Avenue [Keller Williams] GMAP

On Sunday, power had been restored to many areas in Southern Brooklyn and national aid had arrived. (Outside Brooklyn, the Rockaways and Staten Island remain in crisis, with many without power or water.) We checked out Brighton Beach Sunday afternoon, where we found the National Guard distributing water, blankets, diapers, and baby wipes, above. Down the block, a volunteer group gave out free clothes from a truck. Power was back on in most places and delis and groceries were open for business as usual. Debris had been gathered into piles dotted about the beach, which was mostly empty of people, but otherwise it looked pretty normal. Most buildings in the central area seemed to have already completed their basement cleanups, though a few were still siphoning out water and placing wrecked furniture on the sidewalks for pickup. Tensions seemed high; a fistfight almost broke out over a fender bender, we heard a lot of people arguing, and a woman said she was going to call the police because we were taking photographs. There was, of course, no subway service to the shore areas throughout Southern Brooklyn. Buses were running about every 20 minutes, and they were packed full.