7 Everit St. SSpellen 1

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Name: Former stable, warehouse, now residential
Address: 7 Everit Street
Cross Streets: Old Fulton Street and Doughty Street
Neighborhood: Fulton Ferry/Dumbo
Year Built: Perhaps as early as 1850
Architectural Style: Mid-19th century stable, with modern alterations
Architect: Unknown
Landmarked: Yes, part of Fulton Ferry Historic District (1977)

The story: According to local lore, Everit Street was named after a Quaker named Thomas Everit. He and his sons ran either a slaughterhouse or a leather factory on the corner of Columbia and Fulton Streets. (I found conflicting sources on this, and it’s possible they are both right.) Either way, both sources say that the business failed. The street called Columbia Heights eventually extended down to Fulton Street, so by the end of the 19th century, the use of Everit Street was more or less stopped. But now it appears on maps from Vine Street to Old Fulton Street, two short blocks worth, which includes this building.

In my research, I also found that Furman Street was named Everit Street, but that name was dropped when the business failed, and when Mr. Furman became one of Brooklyn’s best known citizens. While it was still Everit Street, the area became known for filth and stink from the warehouses and factories, which probably included in no small part, the leather factory or slaughterhouse, but I digress. (more…)

There hasn’t been word about 9 Old Fulton Street—a building that was destroyed in a fire years ago—for more than a year, when the lot’s owner presented plans to the community board to build a four-story structure with three apartments and commercial space on the ground floor. A variance request for the new project was recently filed with the Board of Standards and Appeals since the lot isn’t zoned for commercial use, but plans for the structure have already been approved by Landmarks. One of the developers, Tony Prano, told us yesterday that work on the building should start within the next few months provided the BSA gives its blessing. This lot is next door to 11-15 Old Fulton Street, a series of dilapidated buildings that were recently put up for sale.
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