Is the Financial Times feeling pressure to keep up with all of the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Brooklyn these days? Whatever the case may be, the publication took a look at Sunset Park as a place to live, and liked what it saw. Pros: Multicultural, relatively affordable and has a recently upgraded park that serves as a gathering place for the whole neighborhood. Cons: Far from Manhattan, little in the way of upscale dining or retail, can be noisy. The article notes that crime, while far lower than in years past, is on the rise. Apartments range from about $200,000 for a one-bedroom to $400,000 for a three-bedroom. Townhouses average about $800,000. In addition, studio space is drawing artists and entrepreneurs to the area, and the music-themed Hotel BPM recently opened. What do you think of Sunset Park? Any intel on the schools?
Sunset Park Also Rises [FT]
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This week’s “The Hunt” column in The Times is about a couple that was looking to buy a place because, with baby and law textbooks in tow, a $2,600-a-month, two-bedroom rental in Windsor Terrace was no longer big enough. After checking some website called daily, the determination was made that the pair’s max budget—in the low $600,000s—meant Windsor Terrace was too pricey. What followed: A visit to a five-bedroom in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens that, at $849,000, was too expensive and also unsatisfactory because it didn’t have a bathtub; consideration of two Bed-Stuy houses that were nixed because one didn’t pass muster at inspection time and the other was a two-family; and looking at a bunch of condos that weren’t big enough. They finally found a 2,000-square-foot house in South Midwood with appealing period detail that they bought for $540,000 in December. And now? “It’s appalling,” says the couple’s fairer half. We moved from an apartment to a house, and we filled the house.”
A Move Dictated by Miscellany [NY Times]
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