Birds Eye View Brownstoner Map

Humans are spatial beings. We’re hardwired to understand our world in terms of physical space. We find maps intrinsically fascinating, and they enrich our understanding through spatial relationships.

In a world where local news is more accessible than ever, BlogMap and Blockfeed are two sites that take advantage of modern software to plot stories by neighborhood. It makes sense locals would want to browse news not only by theme or publisher, but by location.

“The physical location of news is important to a local news reader, which is why it makes sense to present it on a map,” Blockfeed co-founder Ben Goldman told Brownstoner. “Some readers may only be interested in local news from a very specific place, such as around their home or office. A map frees you to explore news in this way.”

BlogMap’s creation was, surprisingly, inspired by Brownstoner. “I actually built BlogMap because I’m a big Montrose Morris fan and found it difficult to find similar content when I left Brooklyn for grad school in Philly,” Jake Colleran, the creator of BlogMap, told us.


The dating site OKCupid created the “heat map” of New York City above for Daily Intel, and it represents “the response rate of each neighborhood per number of messages received. The darker the color, the more likely residents of the neighborhood are to flirt back.” More interesting, though, are some of the observations “Christian Rudder, OkCupid’s resident data whiz,” shares about Brooklyn:
-“After analyzing how members rated profile photos on a scale of 1 to 5, the numbers show that the most attractive potential mates by borough live in the West Village, the Upper East Side, and Brooklyn Heights.”
-“Among Kings County’s happy horndogs, Bushwick shines forth as an examplar of both maximum interest in sex and minimum discernment in message response. Rudder’s explanation for Bushwick’s rise to the top? ‘Viva la loft parties!'”
-“‘The deeper into Brooklyn you go, the kinkier people get — it runs along Bushwick Avenue to Pennsylvania Ave. to the sea,’ [says Rudder]. In ascending order of depravity, the rankings go Williamsburg, then East Williamsburg, then Bed Stuy and Bushwick, then Cypress Hill, then East New York. Relative kinkiness was analyzed by looking at answers to ¡muy scientifico! queries like, ‘Do you like to receive pain during sex?’ ‘Have you ever tried anilingus’ ‘How many sex toys do you own?’ and so on.”
‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’ [Daily Intel]
Map by OKCupid from Daily Intel.

A reader dropped a line to say he’d set up a map where anyone can type in whether or not a block has been plowed yet. Check it out here and add your own notes. As of the writing of this post, the handful of “failure to remove snow” tags were in or around the Slope. For example, one reads: “Garfield Place impassable.” As City Room reported a couple hours ago, the mayor is saying that it will probably take another day for all the city’s streets to be plowed.
Mapping Snow Removal in Brooklyn [Official Site]