Stay away from the Williamsburg waterfront while the seven-alarm CitiStorage warehouse fire at 5 North 11th Street and Kent Avenue continues to smolder for the next three weeks, officials warned. Workers, meanwhile, are cleaning up the debris of thousands of medical files that litter the area, according to reports in The New York Times and elsewhere.

The cause of the persistent fire, which popped up in two places, is under investigation. The privately owned land was supposed to be sold to the city to create Bushwick Inlet Park, but the city ran out of funds. It has been used to store medical and city records.

Other warehouse fires in the area included the 15-building Greenpoint Terminal Market in 2006 and a recycling plant at 860 Humboldt Street in 2014, as The Real Deal pointed out.

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Photo by Vladimir Badikov via Gothamist


As we’re sure you are all aware, there was a horrible fire at 265 Flatbush Avenue Wednesday morning. One man died, and at least eight were injured. The fire appears to have reduced the building to a shell.

Flatbush Hardware, on the ground floor, and the grocery store next door are both closed, according to reports in DNAinfo, The New York Times, and elsewhere. The fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring in the hardware store’s neon sign, they said.

A reader sent in this photo and said “Heartbroken about this. The building housed one of our last mom and pop hardware stores, Jamaican owned. I hope everyone got out safely.”


Bed Stuy coffee shop Bread Love is searching for new space, perhaps a pop-up shop, after a fire gutted its cafe in the stable behind 375 Stuyvesant Avenue last month. In the meantime, the outfit is still selling baked goods and coffee at the Lewis Avenue flea market every Saturday, reported DNAinfo.

The fire has also displaced other tenants at the building, because the caretakers of the mansion, Gather Brooklyn, “will no longer manage the space,” according to the story. So the community groups and nonprofits there, including a Capoeira group, will no longer have space in the building. Presumably the Freebrook Academy school is still operating in the mansion, though the story didn’t specify.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. Above, the backyard space and stable as it appeared the morning after the fire.

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We are hearing there was a fire at Bread Love in the middle of the night last night. The indoor space at the rear, above, was “completely trashed” by someone who broke in and also stole something, according to a tipster who said he saw the damage and spoke to an employee about it.

The indoor-outdoor cafe in the backyard and garage space of 375 Stuyvesant Avenue in Bed Stuy is closed for now, he said. Another reader sent us the photo above this morning, which could show the main indoor space is charred — or it could just be in shadow.

We just heard from another neighbor, who said: “I walked by this morning and it looks like it caught on fire last night/early morning. Sad.” A call to Bread Love’s phone number this morning did not go through.

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We were dismayed to see that a fire appears to have gutted the twin Parfitt Brothers-designed tenement buildings at 472-474 Lafayette Avenue near Dough in Bed Stuy. We’re not sure when the fire occurred — it could have been months ago, since we hadn’t passed by here in a while.

Windows are boarded up in the front and along the opposite side, so it’s possible both buildings have been emptied out. The buildings are visually prominent on the street because of their architecture and colorfully painted terra cotta ornamentation. (The paint is a relatively recent embellishment.) They were a Building of the Day in 2011. In 2013, the one on the right, No. 474, changed hands for $1,400,000.

Does anyone have any details of what happened? Click through to the jump to see the side of No. 474 and a closeup of the painted terra cotta details from November. GMAP (more…)


Last night, a fire broke out at about 7 pm at the Rapid Processing Center, a paper recycling facility at 860 Humboldt Street. The smoke could be seen for miles around.

Nearly 200 firefighters responded. One had a minor injury, according to The New York Daily News. Parts of the building have crumbled. The Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

In January, there was another big industrial fire at a lumberyard in Greenpoint.

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Photo by Joe Perron-Kozar via Gothamist

A fire in an apartment in Turner Towers at 135 Eastern Parkway last night sent two residents and four firefighters to the hospital with minor injuries, DNAinfo reported. We heard from a reader last night, who said:

There is a major fire in Turner Towers right now. This is the big co-op on Eastern Pkwy facing the Brooklyn Museum. Tons of black smoke pouring out of an apartment on the north side about 2/3 up the building. Many fire trucks on EP battling the fire.

The fire started around 11:30 pm. Nearly 140 firefighters responded. The fire was under control by 1:50 am, said DNAinfo. The cause is under investigation. More photos after the jump.

Six Injured in Eastern Parkway Apartment Fire, FDNY Says [DNAinfo]
Photo via Twitter @flogginkatie


The Daily News has more details on the manhole explosion at Court and Union streets in Carroll Gardens we told you about yesterday. The manhole exploded around 1:40 pm Wednesday afternoon with a lick of flame and copious smoke, shocking residents and businesses, and leaving the block without power until Thursday afternoon. A reader sent in this photo showing the fire.

The marketing manager at Body Elite Gym, which sits right on the corner at 348 Court Street, told the Daily News he heard the big explosion and then two smaller ones. Fire officials evacuated nearby buildings so they could investigate the source of the blast, which was apparently caused by a defective cable. Con Ed shut down Court Street between Union and President streets for several hours afterward while they repaired the faulty line.

Power Restored to Carroll Gardens Block After Manhole Explodes [NY Daily News]

A building is on fire on Atlantic Avenue between Court Street and Clinton Streets, according to a tipster who sent in these photos. It looks like the blaze is coming from 172 or 174 Atlantic, a few doors down from the old sail makers’ building that houses an Urban Outfitters on the ground floor. The fire department is at the scene and battling the flames right now. Please let us know in the comments if you know more. Click through to the jump for another photo. (more…)


Police have arrested 43-year-old corrections officer Evette Rudolph on suspicion of setting a fire that injured 11 people at 375 Chauncey Street yesterday morning, The New York Post reported. Four victims are in critical condition. After smoke started pouring out of the building, Rudolph walked out calmly without notifying anyone the building was on fire, according to a witness. “That really caught my eye,” he said. The fire was set with gasoline in the hallway, which made escape difficult. Firefighters sawed bars off windows to get people out. The building houses six apartment and 22 residents, according to The New York Times. Rudolph’s boyfriend lived in the building but moved in December, said witnesses. Neighbors said two days earlier someone had tried into break into an apartment in the building where a pastor and his wife live, said the Post.

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