Everything ends up here eventually, but Made in Brooklyn is a column exploring native, born-and-bred borough creations.


At the beginning of the 20th century, a revolution in home cookware was taking American kitchens by storm, with aluminum pots and pans supplanting their unwieldy predecessors: cast iron cookery. But new wares also required new cleaning methods. (more…)

Brooklyn Civil Rights

Photo via the Brooklyn NAACP/Facebook

Just three years short of a half-century from when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated — on what would be Dr. King’s 86th birthday — we’re taking a look at some of Brooklyn’s revolutionary community groups who keep his legacy alive through their work toward equality and diversity. (more…)

Lena Dunhams Girls Sixth Season

Images via HBO

We can’t even. The hit HBO series Girls will end after its sixth season in 2017, the network and creator Lena Dunham announced Wednesday. “It feels like the right time,” she said in a statement.

From its first episode in 2012, the show brought a fictionalized slice of Brooklyn to living rooms across the country, reshaping the borough’s public image in the minds of average Americans. There’s no doubt that Girls contributed to the global rise of Brooklyn the Brand, even as it promoted the borough as a haven for entitled, lost millennials. (more…)

Christmas Tree Collection Mulchfest NYC 2015

Christmas is over, folks. You gotta get that tree out of your house while the NYC Department of Sanitation is still picking ’em up. Otherwise, you just might find yourself in July attempting to convince your pals that the desiccated pine in the living room is some kind of edgy art piece (trust us, they won’t buy it).

Here’s a simple, two-step process to properly dispose of your celebratory conifer in Brooklyn. (more…)

Rooftop Films Kickstarter Campaign

Photo via Rooftop Films’ Kickstarter

For the past 19 summers, cinephiles have been gathering atop unconventional buildings — like the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, the Bushwick Generator or Industry City in Sunset Park — to watch movies, short films and live performances as part of the nonprofit Rooftop Films series.

As the organization heads into its 20th season, it’s asking for help via a Kickstarter campaign to build its membership base and keep the community-building film events going strong. (more…)

Dinanda Nooney Brooklyn Photos

Brooklyn Academy of Music in Fort Greene, May 30, 1978. Photo by Dinanda Nooney

Before Brooklyn was known for being a hip brand and cultural hub, it was known for its blight, its working-class authenticity, its empty streets and its crime.

Photographer Dinanda Nooney was known mainly for her collection of gelatin-print portraits of people in their Brooklyn homes. But Nooney also photographed outdoors. While her intimate photos of local families, bedrooms, kitchens and parlors paint a nuanced portrait of the borough in its disco era, her photos of backyards and streets better reveal Brooklyn’s realness during the time. (more…)