After a bit of a slowdown over the summer, our intrepid renovation bloggers are picking up the pace again. At the end of August, the Gates Reno gave us an update on the garden floor demolition; demolition was the word of the day on the Windsor Terrace Reno yesterday as well. No more walls! And big stuff is happening at the Crown Heights Reno, where they’ve put together the online equivalent of a flip book showing the rear extension going up (one of the photos is above). Now all we need is news from Bed Stuy. As you may have noticed, when we did the site upgrade last month, we made all the different renovation blogs stream into a master blog so that it’s easier for readers to keep up with new posts. That said, we’d encourage you to click through to view the new posts in the context of their stand-alone blogs. Also, if anyone is embarking on a renovation and would be interested in doing his/her own renovation blog, drop us an email.

There was a great post earlier this week on the Crown Heights Reno Blog. While you’re getting a voyeuristic kick out of all the mess and destruction, keep in mind that the process hasn’t been so easy for the owners. “In a word it’s awful,” n writes. “While some might relish the fact that progress is being made, i found it terribly disturbing. Even though i love the plans we have for the house, I hated watching parts of it be destroyed.” Have others had similarly gut-wrenching reactions to watching their beloved homes torn apart?
Tons of Kick-Ass Demo Pics [CH Reno]

facadeWe’re excited today to welcome another reno blogger to the Brownstoner family. After 20 years of loft living, our new contributors certainly have their work cut out for them: Despite having five fireplaces and lots of original details, their new house hasn’t had a plumbing or electrical upgrade in decades. (We’re already in love with that parlor floor window!) The painter and her music producer husband also warn that their taste is pretty eclectic, so get ready for some aesthetic curveballs coming your way. We’re also going to be interested to see what they do with their garden when the weather warms up. You can follow the link below for now. The blog should be has been added to the Reno Blog menu shortly.
Welcome to Our World [Crown Heights Reno]