Could the sale of the Brooklyn Heights public library to a private developer result in condos but no library? Is the site’s $52,000,000 price tag fleecing the public? Is offsite affordable housing segregationist?

Those are just a few of the cutting questions that emerged at a full-capacity City Council subcommittee hearing Wednesday to get the facts on the controversial sale of the current Brooklyn Heights library site to private developer Hudson Companies.

“This is the most controversial issue I’ve seen in my district since my election in 2009,” said Council Member Steve Levin in his opening remarks. “Passions are running high. Here, we need to look at the objective facts.”

Brownstoner doesn’t often attend City Council meetings, but we had a feeling this debate would be gripping. We were right.


Brooklyn Megaproject Development

This month marks Brownstoner’s Steel Anniversary. We’re taking some time to look back at our past, even as we design a new future.

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This month marks Brownstoner’s steel anniversary. We’re taking some time to look back at our past, even as we design a new future.

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