I’ve been asked, so here it is – your chance to share what you think were the best stories, the best discussions, and finest moments on Brownstoner in 2009. Those less than stellar moments can be shared as well, but please remember this is all in fun. If you’d like the rest of us to see the post, please put a link in your comments.
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We received an email from a long-time reader over the weekend that we thought deserved attention. The reader pointed out that, in his opinion, the comments are so dominated by bickering among a handful of readers that (a) there is rarely coherent on-topic discussion and (b) he feels like it’s a private party that he’s not particularly welcome at. While many of the most frequent commenters add a lot of substantive comments along the way, we agree that the off-topic bickering has gotten a little out of control, and we’d like to urge everyone to make an effort to stay on-topic and to refrain from personal attacks and insults. Sound like a plan?
Thanks for your co-operation.
Mr. B

quotation-icon.jpgThey continue to approve work and issue C of Os for buildings that violate zoning and building codes. They often don’t inspect work that has been done before signing off on the work. They have proven to be full of corrupt individuals, even at the top tiers of their chain of management. They don’t respond when illegal work that negatively affects quality of life is reported. They…
— from DOB Flunks Comptroller’s Audit

quotation-icon.jpgToo much is spent on trying to convince the public how great the DOE is doing, and not enough on trying to engage a working dialogue between parents and teachers. Sadly one factor making it difficult is the busing issue. It’s that much harder for parents to be actively involved in a school that is well out of the neighborhood. Harder for kids to be involved in good after school programs for the same reason. too much time traveling, too little time to study. Too little time to spend in educational programs. and it’s more expensive…
— from Chancellor Joel Klein Discusses Brooklyn Schools

quotation-icon.jpgSo the lesson I learned today is that in my early and late 20s, I should not experience all the city has to offer (nightlife, dinner, culture ie things that cost money) in order to buy an overpriced, depreciating asset. Then, ideally, I should procreate and bring my spawn to the bars/restaurants with me so I’ll be the old dude with a kid. Then what exactly is the point of living in NYC if you don’t experience it? I would have a much easier time sitting at home on Saturday nights if I lived in Smithtown, Long Island – rents are a whole heck of a lot cheaper too..
— from Not-So-Bitter Renters Embrace Brooklyn