While we were away, Shahn Anderson finally got the green light from the LPC and, as you can see, he wasted no time in jump-starting exterior work. He says he’s shooting to finish the entire project by Christmas. Think he can do it? Maybe if we all beg him, he’ll bring the Cambridge Reno back out of retirement.

After months of trying to get Landmarks to come around to his proposal how the extension of his house should look, Shahn has a Eureka moment when he realizes that (a) you can’t fight City Hall and (b) City Hall might, in this case, have decent point about the proportions of the extension. So now he’s going back with three new designs for LPC to react to. Lots and lots of drawings on the link. Let him know which you prefer.
Occasionally It’s Good To Be Wrong [Cambridge Reno]

Over on the Cambridge Reno, Shahn’s in a bit of a quandary about what color to paint the exterior of his house and could use your input. On a separate matter, on December 21st he has to present his plans to the Land Use Committee at a community board meeting. Why, you ask? Because he wants to extend an existing, but rotting, one-floor extension on the rear of the house.
Colors, Colors, Colors [Cambridge Reno]

Things have slowed a bit over on the Cambridge Reno while Shahn waits for the Landmarks public review process to run its course. In the meantime, he’s dug up the street (something we’re all too familiar with) to install a new water main. He’s also found the time to have some fun at his contractors expense. Check out the classic practical joke he pulled on the link.
One Thing at a Time [Cambridge Reno]

The latest posting on the Cambridge Reno blog takes a look at some of the only detail that is salvageable in the 1860’s wreck–wainscotting around the windows in the house’s turret. Shahn’s trying to decide how best to restore the woodwork, though some folks in the Comments section are urging him to just rip it out and recreate it with new materials. You can probably guess what side of the debate we came down on.
Details, Details, Details [Cambridge Reno]

Shahn Andersen’s highly anticipated renovation blog is ready for prime time. We’re totally psyched that Shahn has signed on to let us all tag along as he takes on what will no doubt be the difficult but thoroughly rewarding rehabilitation of his Civil War-era woodframe house on Cambridge Place in Clinton Hill. He got a jump start on the blog last week and has already found time to share his initial discussions with the landmarks commission as well as his frustration with “some asshole on the block” who keeps calling DOB over the most minor details. Fumes Andersen:

Are you kidding me? This building has been rotting for years, and finally someone is going to fix it up, and you are calling the DOB because there is a little debris in front of the fence? Why didn’t you complain to the DOB when vagrants were shitting on the sidewalk?

Good question, indeed. Clearly, Shahn isn’t going to be pulling any punches. We can’t wait.
Getting Started [Cambridge Reno]