Back in February, the tile design that the Bed Stuy Reno’ers created for their bathroom floor elicited oohs and ahs from readers. This week, our faithful bloggers were back at it, attempting to seal the tile before grouting. Despite lamenting the fact that the “Goddamn tile won’t goddamn quit being more goddamn work,” Peter, in the end, proclaims the sealing process a success. More pics and play-by-play on the link.
Back to the Goddamn Tile [Bed Stuy Reno]

This’ll be one of your last chances to see the beautiful old brick wall in the ground floor of the Bed Stuy Reno house. This is where the cabinets, stove and fridge will ultimately go, even though our fearless renovators are feeling a little discouraged by the slow pace of progress in this particular area. What do you think that arch was for? Is it purely structural or was there an old brick oven or something in there?
The Lower Level Kitchen [Bed Stuy Reno]

Why is it that one always comes back from vacation more exhausted than before one left? Anyway, we’re back, taking a transitional day to get caught up around here before facing the depressing prison cell that is our day job. While we were gone, the folks over at the Bed Stuy Reno were getting their hands (and just about every other body part) dirty removing the plaster from their parlor floor. Their big tip? Use trash compactor bags instead of the larger and less wieldy contractor bags. Meanwhile, over at the Gates Reno, having made peace with the compromises and postponements that became financially necessary, they’ve been busy picking bathroom tile and fixtures with lots of input from the peanut gallery. On another note, we’re interested to know if there are any important stories or developments that fell through the cracks while we were in the wifi-less mountains of Europe.
Plaster, Our Worthy Adversary [Bed Stuy Reno]
The Road to Hell is Paved with Tile [Gates Reno]

houseIf you were at your computer over the weekend, you might have noticed the disappearance of the Cambridge Reno Blog and the appearance of the Bed Stuy Reno Blog. Given all the difficulties Shahn’s been having getting everything wrapped up with Landmarks, he decided it would be better to hold off on any more public displays for the time being. Into the breach step an intrepid man named Peter and his wife, G, who recently closed on a wonderful old house in Bedford Stuyvesant. The “before” pictures remind us eerily of our own house back when we bought it in 2004. So we’re particularly excited to follow along over the next year as they take us along on their renovation journey. Welcome!
Bed Stuy Reno [Brownstoner]