217 livingston street aka 11 hoyt street rendering

Macy’s has been working on a plan to redevelop its Downtown Brooklyn properties since last summer, and YIMBY has unearthed renderings for one proposal. Apparently Brookfield is one of the contenders, and the developer brought on architects Beyer Blinder Belle to design its plans for a parking garage at 11 Hoyt Street and a big Art Deco building at 450-458 Fulton Street (not the flagship Macy’s, which is at 422 Fulton).

Macy’s wants any developer to build a new 300,000-square-foot store or rehabilitate the old flagship at 422 Fulton plus create a small Bloomingdale’s Outlet on Fulton. Under Brookfield’s plan, the garage would become a huge, glassy structure with a Macy’s on the ground floor, a tower of apartments above, and an address at 217 Livingston Street. However, a local family who ran the Young World retail stores still owns part of the Hoyt Street garage, complicating plans for sale or development.

Meanwhile, the landmarked A.I. Namm & Son Department Store would get a facelift, and Macy’s would expand into its base at 450-458 Fulton Street. As far as we know, the building was not mentioned in the original RFP, but it is attached to the 11 Hoyt Street garage. The ground floor is currently a Modell’s.

Presumably, all this moving around would pave the way to sell or redevelop the Macy’s flagship at 422 Fulton into a mixed-use building. (That one is not landmarked, by the way.)

Click through to see the rendering for the old A.I. Namm store building. What do you think of the designs?

First Look: Potential Macy’s Redevelopment at 450-458 Fulton Street, in Downtown Brooklyn [NYY]
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Renderings by Beyer Blinder Belle



Proof that public opinion can influence building design? SSJ Development has hired Durukan Design to rein in the crazy space-age look of the 70-unit apartment building now rising at 785 Dekalb Avenue in Bed Stuy.

Durukan Design sent this new rendering and details to Curbed, which published them yesterday. (Click through to Curbed to see more details, including an interesting atrium.)

The new plans are nothing short of amazing, because the structure of the building, including the balconies, is already in place. The new design jettisons the gold dome and the slanted oval portholes, swaps in more sober cladding materials, and flattens what appeared in the first rendering to be an undulating facade.

That’s quite a feat, but a quick stop by the work site this morning revealed the building facade is, in fact, already flat. (Except for the rounded center, which is staying.) The balconies, however, are wedge-shaped. Perhaps they will be able to shave them down into rectangles?

Of all the many controversial new building designs planned for Bed Stuy recently, we have to admit, this was one we actually had a soft spot for because it was just so out there and wacky. But we were probably alone in that view. We find the new design much more tasteful and in keeping with the look of the neighborhood.

Click through to see the previous rendering and lots more photos. What do you think of the building’s new look?

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324 20th street greenwood rendering 1

This rendering for a four-story apartment building at 324 20th Street in Greenwood Heights is surprisingly traditional and restrained. The brick building will have traditional windows, a traditional dark cornice, and simple dark lintels above the windows that echo brownstone architecture.

NY YIMBY published the design yesterday, which is by Marin Architects. (The firm is also designing 247 Bedford Avenue, Apple’s future Brooklyn address, as we noted in our 10 am story today.)

Each of the first three floors will have two apartments with balconies, and a full-floor penthouse with private roof space will sit on top of the building, set back from the street. Overall, the development will have seven apartments, averaging more than 1,400 square feet each. NIMBY speculated the spacious units will be condos.

Plans were filed in July. Two 19th century wood frame houses currently sit on the property, and demolition permits were filed in September. The rest of the block is mostly 19th century buildings, including a lot of three-story wood frames. Click through to see what the back of the building will look like.

What do you think of the design?

Revealed: 324 20th Street, South Slope/Greenwood Heights [NYY] GMAP



The old Weinstein hardware store, which had long dominated a prominent corner in Bed Stuy, will be torn down to make way for  – well, not a shiny new building, but a glassy and rusty one. We’re not sure what the materials shown in the construction fence rendering at 420 Tompkins Avenue will be, but it looks like concrete, steel, glass and rusty Corten steel paneling.

The overall effect is a mix of the industrial with the glitzy that would play well in Williamsburg but looks jarring in largely 19th century Bed Stuy and, not surprisingly, already has Bed Stuy residents and preservationists upset, going by the emails and Facebook posts over the past week.

The puzzling lack of retail on the ground floor is a mistake, in our opinion. (more…)


Developer Rabsky Group has chosen ODA Architecture to design the first of at least 10 mixed-use buildings planned for the massive Rheingold Brewery redevelopment in Bushwick, according to the first application for permits, filed yesterday. ODA is known for its designs featuring assemblages of boxes, and is quickly becoming one of the top firms designing in Brooklyn, with numerous projects in Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Crown Heights.

No renderings are out for this project yet, but the permit specifies a seven-story building with 398 units at 10 Montieth Street, as New York YIMBY was the first to report. The building will take up nearly an entire block, with about 270,000 square feet of space, including 265,000 square feet for apartments and 5,000 square feet for retail.

That leads YIMBY to speculate the apartments, with an average of less than 700 square feet each, will be rentals. There will also be parking for 204 bikes and 224 cars, a gym, a screening room, and outdoor space. The Schedule A specifies 26 apartments will be in the cellar, which if it’s not a mistake is certainly unusual.

ODA Project Planned for Rheingold Brewery Site in Bushwick [NYY] GMAP
Bing map via NYY


Italian developer Est4te Four, which is buying into Red Hook in a big way, has released more renderings for the massive office complex it plans at 202 Coffey Street, and also closed on more property.

In December, its purchase of 62 Ferris Street closed for $16,000,000, The Brooklyn Eagle reported. The Eagle also published these additional renderings. Click through to see more.

We previously reported 62 Ferris Street was in contract here, and published three other renderings here.

What do you think of these new renderings? Will Est4te Four soon become to Red Hook what Two Trees is to Dumbo?

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We could swear we’ve seen one of these renderings before, but we must be hallucinating, because a search has turned up nothing. New York YIMBY has published what appears to be the first renderings of the townhouses that are going up at 17-35 Clermont Avenue and 14-38 Vanderbilt Avenue in Wallabout. As we’ve reported before, they are part of the three-part affordable housing development Navy Green, but the 23 townhouses will be market rate.

Each three-story, single family house will have 2,295 square feet of space, according to new building permits. There will also be a 32,000 square foot common space for all the Navy Green buildings, with gardens, lawn and a children’s playground. Curtis + Ginsburg Architects and FXFowle are the designers. The developers are Dunn Development Corp., L+M Development Partners Inc., and the Pratt Area Community Council.

The schedule calls for move-ins to start in July and finish up in September 2016, but as YIMBY points out, those dates will probably move back.

What do you think of the look?

Revealed: Navy Green Townhouses in Fort Greene [NYY]
Navy Green Coverage [Brownstoner]
Renderings from Dunn Development via NYY (more…)


The first rendering is out for the building replacing a garage next to what was the McDonald’s at 269-271 4th Avenue, and we think it’s a refreshing improvement over the usual 4th Avenue fare. The 12-story facade seems to be made of alternating stripes of clear and opaque glass, with touches of rusty Corten steel at the top and the base.

As already reported, there will be retail at the bottom (a daycare and restaurant), and it appears large windows on the ground floor will give passerby something to look at. We’re not sure who the designer is. New York YIMBY, which published the rendering, notes that the architect of record on the building permit is Tony Onyeagoro of Building Consulting Engineering. The developer is an LLC led by Juneng Zhao.

YIMBY speculates the building will be condos, given the very large average size of the units at 1,500 square feet and the apparent intention to include central air. As it happens, this is going up next to 4th Avenue’s other better-than-average new building, the ODA-designed 275 4th Avenue, which is replacing McDonald’s. A variation on ODA’s theme of stacked boxes, it features a jagged triangular-shaped cut-away on the top.

What do you think of the new design?

Revealed: 271 4th Avenue, Park Slope [NYY] GMAP
269 4th Avenue Coverage [Brownstoner]
Rendering from New Empire Building Corp. via NYY

280 meeker avenue rendering 12015

Developer Synapse Group has chosen HWKN to be the architect of the 14-story Yotel planned for 280 Meeker Avenue in Williamsburg, and the design is a major departure for the area. HWKN sent us renderings and new details about the out-of-the-ordinary building, which will be topped by condos next to the BQE.

“The sculptural qualities of the building [connect] with Williamsburg’s artistic bent,” said HWKN principal Matthias Hollwich, and the design “will position the new Yotel as one of the most iconic buildings in New York,” according to the firm’s press release.

The level of the base is designed to “negotiate” between the BQE and the rest of the neighborhood. The stories rising above feature a “cascading, shingle effect façade that gradates in tone and finish.” Then that facade gives way to the shiny, glassy condos at the top, wrapping and revealing them.

We read it as a visual metaphor for the history of neighborhood, whose many wood frame and shingle buildings have ceded to shiny glass towers in recent years.

The 110-unit hotel will have a total of 100,000 square feet, which will include 20,000 square feet of retail, a rooftop garden at the level of the BQE, a separate parking deck and six to eight condos on the top floors. The trapezoidal site is located between Withers and Lorimer streets.

CetraRuddy was also in the running, and we published their concept drawings last month. The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish the winning design but did not name the architect. The Real Deal wrote more about the design yesterday.

Click through for another rendering that shows the colorful facade and stores at street level. We think this is one of the most interesting building designs we’ve seen in years. In fact, we think it’s brilliant. What’s your opinion? – By Rebecca Baird-Remba and Cate Corcoran

This Unusual Design Will Not Be Williamsburg’s Future Yotel Hotel [Brownstoner] GMAP
Renderings by HWKN

291 metropolitan avenue williamsburg 12015

The Meshberg Group-designed brick apartment building rising on a prominent corner in Williamsburg is looking close to done, on the exterior at least. The design of 291 Metropolitan Avenue, reminiscent of 19th century warehouses and Soho cast iron buildings, stands out among the glassy boxes of Williamsburg. Nonetheless, the design caught some flak for its balconies and brick veneer from Curbed commenters when the site published renderings of it in February.

Now those elements and others are in place, including arched windows, french doors and balconies. The back is completely bricked up and has windows on the top three floors. The first floor is still under construction.

Ultimately, the five-story development will have 27 apartments and a tiny 95-square-foot retail space on the ground floor. There will also be 15 parking spots, bike storage and a roof deck. Since the lot is L-shaped, the building fronts Metropolitan, Roebling and North 4th Streets, giving it an alternate address of 206 North 4th Street. It also curves around a three-story apartment building on the corner, whose owner evidently didn’t want to sell.

Meshberg has posted an interior rendering on its website. The developer is All Year Management, who snagged the prime property in 2012 for $4,000,000.

Click through to see more exterior shots and the interior rendering. What do you think of how it is turning out so far?

291 Metropolitan Avenue Coverage [Brownstoner] GMAP



AA Studio has released renderings for its forthcoming 20 townhouses at 109-125 King Street and 74-85 Sullivan Street in Red Hook, and we think they are great! They’re contemporary but with some charming details such as arched windows that reference the architecture in the area. The colors and design of each one vary and repeat in a way reminiscent of late 19th century row house design. (If we read the rendering correctly, the pattern is A, B, C, D, E, B, A, E, B, C reversed, and A.)

New York YIMBY was the first to publish the renderings. Note they all have garages on the ground floor, with access in the front, which is unusual for high-end townhouses, at least the ones we’ve seen lately. It’s not our favorite look, but doesn’t seem to overwhelm the design, at least not in the rendering above.

Each house will be 2,625 square feet, as already reported. The developer bought the property, which houses a two-story factory, for $9,700,000 last year.

YIMBY guessed the exterior cladding planned for the houses will be a mix of brick, metal, wood, and the very popular and contemporary rusty Corten steel. Click through to see a rendering of a rooftop patio.

What do you think of the design?

Revealed: Townhomes Coming to 115 King Street, in Red Hook [NYY]
115 King Street Coverage [Brownstoner]
Renderings by AA Studio via NYY


120 union avenue williamsburg rendering

Here’s a first look at the rendering for a six-story rental building planned for 120 Union Avenue in Williamsburg’s Broadway Triangle. Aufgang Architects is designing the project, which will have 96 apartments spread across nearly 70,000 square feet, according to new building applications filed in September. Apartments will range from studios to four-bedrooms, and there will be 1,750 square feet of retail and 65 parking spots.

The exterior will be clad in “clay-coat architectural brick in a stacked bond pattern, detailed in break metal,” and the ground floor will feature “cast channel glass cladding and architectural grills, to allow natural ventilation in the first-floor garage and varying views to the interior.” Construction on the $18,500,000 development is expected to finish in January 2016, according to Aufgang.

Slate Property Group, Adam America and Naveh Shuster are the developers, and Meshberg Group will handle the interior design. In September, the three developers paid $15,500,000 for the property, which is home to a two-story car repair shop. They’re also going to build a six- or seven-story building a block away at 100 Union Avenue.

What do you think of the design?

Adam America Plans Six-Story Rental in the Broadway Triangle [Brownstoner] GMAP
Rendering by Aufgang Architects