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Have you seen any raccoons lately? We’ve had reports of sightings from all over Brooklyn. A reader in Clinton Hill sent in these photos of a family of five in the backyard. “The raccoons are getting out of hand,” the tipster wrote. “Tried calling city for help, but was told its my problem.” They have invaded people’s houses on the block as well. Another reader posted in the Forum (under the headline “Raccoon BIG problem Park Slope”), “We have raccoons on our deck, in our yard. We saw two of them on our neighbor’s roof. We have heard scratching noises on the top floor of our brownstone…One of them bit and scratched our dog (vet gave her an additional rabies shot and antibiotics.)…They are everywhere, walking down the sidewalks at night…Any ideas of what to do or who to call?” (more…)

Selections from a press release sent out today by Victory Chicken reporting that Brooklynites are flocking to its services, which include providing customers with chicken coops and hens:
-“We are seeing a huge upswing in demand for our all-in-one coop and chickens package,” says Brett Mons, Victory Chicken’s Business Coordinator.
-Customers who order a “Rosie” get a custom coop built in Brooklyn, three young hens, 2 months of supplies, and a quick training, all of which is delivered and installed at their place in about 2 hours for $785.
-“I love my coop and hens from Victory Chicken!” says Juno Shaye, a customer in Red Hook, Brooklyn. “And I can’t believe how fun and easy it is to keep chickens. It only takes a few minutes a day, and my two-year-old son absolutely loves them. Chickens are hilarious!”
Victory Chicken [Official Site]

From the tipline: “I found a chicken last night around Downtown Brooklyn and am trying to find its owner. This is not a joke. Since she likely would have been run over and killed and looked like someone’s pet, I brought it home and am now trying to locate its owner. BTW, I already have a rabbit and for the record, the rabbit is not afraid of the chicken but the chicken is terrified of the rabbit.” (Also, Craigslist post here.) If you’re out a chicken in your backyard coop, write to

The owner of Kensington Stables is saying proposed Health Dept. rules might force him to close up shop, according to the Daily News: “A Brooklyn stable owner is neighing that proposed city Health Department changes requiring five-week vacations for horses, bigger stalls and a sprinkler system in barns would saddle him with a financial disaster. ‘I want to keep horseback riding affordable for Brooklyn families, but I don’t see how I can do that,’ said Kensington Stables owner Walker Blankinship. ‘What am I supposed to do – become a ritzy, snobby barn that charges $100?'” The Health Dept. says the news regs have yet to be finalized and that some version of them is going to be proposed at the next Board of Health meeting.
Stable Owner Bucking Expensive Proposed Changes [NYDN]
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On Saturday a reader sent in the following note about the latest egging incident at the dog run underneath the Novo condo: “I was at the Park Slope Dog Run in Washington Park this evening at 7.45pm, and an egg was once again thrown from the condo, and almost hit my husband…My dog barked at the other dog, as dogs do, and suddenly an egg came from the sky landing on the ground next to my husband. He’s sure that if it had hit him, he would have been hurt. I live opposite the school neighbouring the dog park. I have kids screaming outside my apartment most of the time. I moved there, I cannot complain about noise in the neighbourhood…” As it turns out, the reader was well within her rights to be using the dog run at 7:45: We incorrectly reported in the past that the run closes at sundown (because that’s what the Parks Dept. posters inside of it say) but, according to Kim Maier, the executive director of the park’s Old Stone House, the run was actually built to be accessible 24 hours a day even though the official closing time of the park as a whole is 10 p.m. (Yes, it’s confusing.) Maier also says that the Novo’s board and the precinct have been notified about the latest egging. Perhaps Park Slope’s crazed egg chucker will soon be brought to justice…
Huevogate ’09 Still Roiling Slope Dog Run [Brownstoner] GMAP
Slope Dog Run Egging On At Least One Novo Resident [Brownstoner]

The conditions at the Park Slope dog run have gotten downright unsanitary, according to dog owners who regularly visit the run, and things are only bound to get worse as the weather warms. Dog owners charge that, in addition to the general unpleasantness, the urine-soaked wood chips are to blame for giving their furry friends parasites and diarrhea. The Parks Department confirms that all is not as it should be. J.J. Byrne Park manager Eric Greene said they haven’t been changed since November. “I don’t want to change them at all because it’s all going to be under construction,” he said, referring to the new park Boymelgreen has promised to start building next month because part of the old one was used as a staging area to construct The Novo. Nevertheless, Greene said compaints have prompted the Parks Department to drop off wood chips beside the park within two weeks. This time volunteers are supposed to change them. (Normally, he said, the department does most of the work, removing the fence and lugging out special equipment to change the paw padding. “It’s very time-consuming.”) Tony Chiappelloni, president of FIDO, an off-leash advocacy group for Prospect Park, said, “Personally I think small dog runs are basically unhealthy.”
Extreme Makeover Planned for J.J. Byrne Park [Brownstoner]