01/06/09 11:31am

The popularity of shared office space is on the rise, thanks in part to the latest round of layoffs: more folks need a spot to work, or maybe look for work, now that they don’t have offices. Enter Brooklyn Creative League, a “workspace and a community of simpatico colleagues for freelancers, independent workers, and small-shop companies.” The space, still being rehabbed (as evidenced by the photo), is at 540 President, between 3rd and 4th Avenues, and the theme is green: low-VOC paint, FSC-certified molding, reclaimed church pews for seating, local vendors, etc. Sounds like a good place to work, no? Estimated opening date: February 15th or so. GMAP

01/02/09 12:01pm

A tipster sent in this review of the construction at 113 Prospect Place: “The owners of a horribly neglected corner building, instead of pointing the very worn facade, are covering it with STYROFOAM…prelude to ALUMINUM SIDING?????!!!! Shoddy scaffolding…no permits….piles of garbage…truly shocking!!!” That’s a lot of exclamation points for one building, but he’s not the only one with his knickers in a knot over the building. In November, the Brooklynian boards were hopping with complaints about the project, claiming bits of debris were falling and no permits were posted on the site. There’s only one recent permit on file with the DOB, to install a sidewalk shed for “remedial repairs.” Maybe those remedial repairs include the falling debris? GMAP

12/30/08 10:13am

The folks at this 9th Street brownstone in Park Slope aren’t letting the recession, or the sudden cultural distaste for gilt and glamour, get in the way of their renovation. They’re restoring their bracketed cornice to all its gold leafed glory. Such attention to detail!

12/29/08 11:31am

Looks like the firm responsible for the stalled project at 357 15th Street in the South Slope has also been hard at work on some big ole buildings on Bedford Avenue, in the northern hemisphere of Bed-Stuy. Sandor Weiss has also designed this six-story, 12-unit building (there are two matching buildings next door, to the north). The big news about the building, in a heavily Jewish area, is that a swastika was spray painted on it in September. GMAP

12/23/08 10:00am

This apartment building, at 340 14th Street, is entirely vacant except for the apartment on the first floor, left. (The building to the left is also entirely vacant). Perhaps the sign in the window gives a clue to why this one unit was salvaged; apparently the tenant’s soul was salvaged as well. Per Property Shark, the owner is contractor Henry Azcue, also responsible for the work that finally started on 132 2nd Place. Guess that means it’s due for a fixin… eventually. GMAP

12/22/08 10:34am

We’ve gotten used to drug stores selling just about everything, from tissues to milk to photo developing (remember that?). Well, now Neergard, rumored to be the oldest business in Park Slope, has expanded into the toy biz. Their second floor is now fully stuffed with all things kiddie, just in time for holiday spending. GMAP

12/19/08 2:32pm

683-4th-rendernig-1208.jpg683 Fourth Avenue was originally to be a 10-unit, 10-story tower, per the permit filed in 2006. The architect? Mr. Scarano. We found this rendering on the Cardinale Web site, claiming a 20,000 square foot project consisting of “12 units and stories of residential condominium space with units available in 2009.” The date seems unlikely. There’s a stop work order on the property, for one thing. Also, wasn’t that Scarano fella being sued? GMAP DOB

12/19/08 11:33am

1834-8th-rendering-1208.jpgIMBY, a blog chronicling development in the South Slope, has this report on a new Karl Fischer building at 1638 8th Avenue: “Yes, Prospect Terrace is actively breaking ground. Yes, assorted foundation work is still in progress. Someday, it will look just like this…” From the two-year-old photos on the site, looks like many delays have held the project back. Seems pretty humble at three stories compared to some other South Slope offerings. GMAP

12/19/08 10:29am

272-21st-rendering2.jpgThere’s a bit of a building boom on 21st Street, with a mixed bag of new construction. On the brighter side, the once Brooklyn-based firm Coggan + Crawford (they’ve since moved to Starkville, Mississippi) is already responsible for a green condo building next door, at 270 21st Street, which won an award from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce last year, and now they’re making progress on 272, a four-story, four-unit condo in the making. Front and back renderings to the right. The developers are Chris Giancola and Lawrence Vento, also responsible for 270. Nice that they’re trying a very different look. GMAP

12/19/08 10:15am

Quality of life may be on the downturn here, but not length of it. “Life expectancy has risen by a year and three months since 2001, giving New Yorkers a life-expectancy of 79 years old,” reports AMNY. “And last year, the death toll citywide dropped to a record-low of 6.5 deaths per 1,000 people; the number of overall deaths, meanwhile, have dropped from 60,218 in 2001 to 54,073 in 2007.”

12/19/08 10:02am

935-pacific-1208.jpg 935 Pacific #401
1230-sf, 3-bed, 3-bath
Original listing: $900,000, 5/2/07
Price as of 12/12/08: $779,000
Listed by Aguayo & Huebener

440-kent-1208.jpg 440 Kent Avenue #PH2A/2B
3,540-sf 5-bed, 4.2-bath
Original listing: $5.2 million, 10/17/08
Price as of 12/12/08: $4.7 million
Listed by Sotheby’s

11205-flatlands-1208.jpg 12205 Flatlands Avenue
650-sf 1-bed, 1-bath
Original listing: $149,000, 11/12/08
Price as of 12/10/08: $139,000
Listed by Maxima