08/20/14 12:58pm

110 livingston street downtown brooklyn 82014

It’s getting close to impossible to find anything for less than $1,000 a foot in “prime” Brooklyn. Take this place at 110 Livingston Street. The 540-square-foot pad is very nice as far as studios go–with high ceilings, big windows, good light–and it’s asking $550,000. This is the new normal, people.

110 Livingston, #5J [Halstead] GMAP

08/19/14 12:58pm

99 berkeley place park slope 82014

This first-floor co-op at 99 Berkeley Place in Park Slope just hit the market with an asking price of $1,395,000. The three-bedroom apartment is located in a beautiful building but (unfortunately) doesn’t have much original detail left. (Sweet front windows though.) The floor plan is larger than your typical floor-through apartment and it comes with a private back yard. The maintenance is a modest $850 a month.

99 Berkeley Place, #1 [Halstead] GMAP

08/18/14 12:58pm

87 remsen street brooklyn heights 82014

Paging old house lovers! This new listing at 87 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights is dripping with original detail, including an impressive array of woodwork. There’s also a bay window and a private deck. The floor-through pad has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is asking $1,495,000. We’re guessing it’s about 1,200 square feet.

87 Remsen Street, #3 [Corcoran] GMAP

08/14/14 12:55pm

330 wythe avenue williamsburg 82014

We’ve always loved this building at 330 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg. It has some incredible apartments with double-height ceilings and views of Manhattan. This seventh-floor pad is not one of those, but it’s no slouch: The 1,400-square-foot duplex has three bedrooms, polished concrete floors, a modern kitchen. The views to the south and east are also pretty sweet. Asking price: $1,585,000.

330 Wythe Avenue, #7A [Corcoran] GMAP

08/13/14 12:58pm

112 st marks place park slope 82014

There’s nothing left post-renovation to indicate that this two-bedroom condo at 112 Saint Marks Place in Park Slope is located in an old brownstone, but luckily for the sellers not everyone wants to live in an old brownstone. While we can appreciate good modern design, this place falls somewhere in the middle for us. It’s clean and in good shape, to be sure, but lacks character. And at almost $1,000 a square foot, we’d expect the kitchen and bathroom finishes to be a little higher end. Asking price for the 1,050-square-foot pad is $985,000.

112 Saint Marks Place, #2 [CORE] GMAP

08/11/14 12:57pm

34 plaza street east prospect heights 82014

Okay, so it seems we’re basically at the point where any apartment west of, say, Washington Avenue gets listed at around the $1,000-a-foot mark. This new listing at 34 Plaza Street East in Prospect Heights comes in just shy of that psychological hurdle, but we suspect that’s on purpose — kinda like pricing something in a store for $19.99. This two-bedroom co-op, which looks to be in nice shape (suspicious absence of a kitchen photo notwithstanding) with great light and views, has 1,325 square feet of living space and is asking $1,299,000. Think they’ll get it?

34 Plaza Street East, #907 [Town Residential] GMAP

08/07/14 12:57pm

35 eastern parkway prospect heights 82014

There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about this studio co-op at 35 Eastern Parkway other than the price. When was the last time you saw something within spitting distance of Grand Army Plaza with a price tag of $155,000? Our best guess is that it’s less than 400 square feet of space, but even if it were 300 square feet it would still look cheap, especially since it’s got a decent view and a kitchen that looks functional. What’s up with that?

35 Eastern Parkway, #6K [Stribling] GMAP

08/06/14 12:55pm

1701 albemarle road ditmas park 82014

This co-op listing at 1701 Albermarle Road is a charmer. The prewar one-bedroom sports original wood floors, two exposures and an attractively renovated kitchen. The listing also claims that the apartment is “blissfully quiet.” The maintenance is a low $511 per month and the asking price is $419,000. You like?

1701 Albemarle Road, #D8 [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

08/05/14 12:59pm

181 clermont avenue fort greene 82014

It’s amazing that asking prices of $1,000 a foot in less-than-perfect locations elicit no more than a shrug at this point in the market. Yesterday’s Condo of the Day at 500 4th Avenue was one example. Today’s pick at Clermont Greene is another. Perfectly nice new construction with a little bit of outdoor space in a desirable neighborhood but not the creme de la creme. Size: 747 square feet. Asking price? $775,000. Conclusion: Prices have basically doubled since the last market bottom.

181 Clermont Avenue, #204 [Elliman] GMAP

07/31/14 12:58pm

150 myrtle avenue downtown brooklyn 72014

This new listing at Toren in Downtown Brooklyn is pretty striking. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom pad has a corner living room with expansive views of Flatbush Avenue and the Manhattan Bridge. High ceilings, a swanky master suite and sleek kitchen round out the offering. The asking price is $1,110,000, seemingly in line with the recent sale of a similarly sized two-bedroom on the 21st floor for $1,215,000.

150 Myrtle Avenue, #903 [Corcoran] GMAP