03/24/14 1:01pm

This parlor-floor apartment at 8 Sidney Place in Brooklyn Heights is bigger than most, which allows for a decent-sized, walk-through kitchen in the middle of the apartment rather than one in a small alcove. There’s also a small second bedroom in an addition where it doesn’t eat up valuable living room real estate. However, access is through the master bedroom. The asking price for the 1,100-square-foot co-op is $1,100,000, which doesn’t seem out of line with market rates in this blue chip ‘hood.

8 Sidney Place, #Parlor [Corcoran] GMAP

03/19/14 12:54pm

This lovely listing at 125 Prospect Park West just hit the market with an asking price of $1,050,000. It’s currently configured as a two-bedroom with separate formal living and dining rooms so it could be a three-bedroom if so desired. The only drawback is that there’s only one bathroom. The prewar pad has lots of original details and appears to be in great shape.

125 Prospect Park West, #2B [Corcoran] GMAP

03/17/14 12:58pm

This three-bedroom floor-through apartment at 369 6th Avenue in Park Slope just hit the market with an asking price of $1,200,000. It’s got some nice historic details including moldings and a bay window in the living room, and the kitchen and bathroom have been recently renovated.

A big drawback is that two of the bedrooms are quite small — in fact, the apartment would be much sweeter if the front bedroom were combined with the living room to create one big common space.

369 6th Avenue, #2 [Elliman] GMAP

03/15/14 1:25pm


It’s with a heavy heart that we report the news that Gilbert Kelly, or just Kelly as most of us on the block between Gates and Putnam knew him, died from a gunshot to the chest last night shortly after 4 a.m.; he was killed on one of the mid-block stoops where he spent most nights for the past three decades. Kelly, who was profiled in this 2011 New York Times piece, was the self-appointed steward of the block. A 65-year-old homeless man who had struggled with drugs and had some brushes with the law, Kelly nonetheless had the implicit trust of everyone on the block. Many of us paid him a small monthly stipend to keep our stoops clean, make sure our recycling was sorted correctly and let us know if any suspicious characters had been lurking around our homes. Countless nights his crooning of Motown classics while he cleaned up the block was the last thing many of us heard before falling asleep. The block is on lock-down now and crawling with cops, but we haven’t heard any details. Was it one of the drug dealers from the corner or a tiff over something stupid that escalated out of control? Hopefully the police will figure it out. If you know anything, please give the 88th Precinct a call. RIP.

03/13/14 12:56pm

This one-bedroom at the original Oro in Downtown Brooklyn (a sister building is nearing completion next door) just hit the market with an asking price of $645,000. The 16th-floor pad has great light and views and appears to be sensibly laid out (though we couldn’t find a floor plan).

The common charges are still low at $466 a month. Think it’ll sell quickly?

306 Gold Street, #16B [Elliman] GMAP

03/12/14 12:58pm

We featured plenty of apartments at the Newswalk building in Park Slope in our day, but this two-bedroom duplex has to be one of the biggest and nicest of them all. The first level is a large, loft-like living area with a kitchen and bathroom; upstairs are two bedrooms and another bathroom along with a private terrace.

This one’s asking $1,295,000 and comes with common charges of $1,264 a month.

535 Dean Street, #907 [Corcoran] GMAP

03/11/14 12:55pm

Paging all (well off) families: There’s a big new apartment for sale at 133 Sterling Place in Park Slope. Located in a seven-year-old building at the corner of Sterling and 7th Avenue, the duplex apartment sports two bedrooms, a child-friendly “home office,” and a large private roof-top deck.

The kitchen and living area on the first level is quite large too. Asking price: $1,995,000.

133 Sterling Place, #4C [Corcoran] GMAP

03/11/14 10:00am


As we reported last summer, the Friends of Greater Gowanus (FROGG) has been urging the New York State Board for Historic Preservation, a division of the the State’s Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation (OPRHP), to create a historic district around the Gowanus Canal for some time now. In the past, FROGG has also advocated for the canal’s designation as a Superfund site and successfully got the area included on last year’s Historic Districts Council list of Six to Celebrate. (The idea of protecting the area goes back even further: In 2008 we wrote about the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s efforts to get the waterway itself declared a national monument.)

There was a community meeting at the Can Factory last month to discuss the creation of the New York State Historic District but we hadn’t realized how imminent the vote was (it’s Thursday) or how large the footprint is (it extends from Baltic Street to the end of Smith Street) until a reader sent along information, including the above map, yesterday.

As part of its decision process leading up to Thursday’s vote, the State must weigh the community group’s interest in preservation against any “adverse effect” on property owners that the designation might have. More specifically, in a document forwarded to us, the State describes how “maintenance, renovations and restorations that involve federal or state approval can become significantly more complicated and expensive, while simultaneously depriving the owner and local government of their discretion in the event a property is subject to OPRHP consultation.” The same document notes that, “While New York City’s listing process is separate from OPRHP’s, the proposed listing of the Gowanus Canal Historic District could make a LPC designation more likely.”

What do you think? Is this area deserving of Historic District designation? Letters seeking input were sent out to owners of the more than 400 properties in the 53 blocks of the proposed area asking just that question. Notarized owner objection letters along with general comments from the public are due by mail to the Historic Preservation Board by the end of the day tomorrow to be considered for Thursday’s meeting. Mailing instructions are included below.

03/10/14 12:58pm

We’ve featured a number of units in the old school building at 44 Cheever Place in Cobble Hill over the years and this one has to be the most tricked out of them all. The two-bedroom condo has double-height ceilings in the living room and a sleek, modern kitchen that looks like it belongs in a Richard Meier building. Asking price: $1,500,000.

44 Cheever Place, #403 [Corcoran] GMAP

03/06/14 12:56pm

Here’s a big two-bedroom co-op at the Park Towers in Kensington for $449,000. In addition to plenty of space (31-foot-long living room!), this place has an eat-in kitchen and a private terrace with amazing views south and west; all that’s missing is a second bathroom. And while the kitchen isn’t going to show up in a design magazine anytime soon, the apartment has been renovated recently and looks to be in good shape.

370 Ocean Parkway, #9C [Halstead] GMAP