08/26/14 9:00am


Residents of the Dumbo loft building at 57 Jay Street said they are receiving threatening phone messages from the building’s new owners and are concerned that they plan to force them out to convert the building into high-priced luxury apartments. The brothers, Graham and Gregory Jones, purchased the warehouse at 57 Jay St. under the name GRJ on August 20 (it has yet to hit public records), according to a story in DNAinfo. (more…)

08/25/14 1:30pm

104 king street red hook 82014

The house of the day is actually two houses on an unusual L-shaped lot in Red Hook. From the photos the houses look like they are in need of significant repair. There are some details: moldings, staircases, original wide plank floors, tin ceilings and a built in cabinet or two. There is no floor plan and the listing is vague, so it’s unclear how large either of the buildings is or how many bedrooms they have (Property Shark lists one 25 foot by 35 foot building).

The broker refers to the second building as a boarding house and in one of the pictures it appears that it has several boarded up windows. From the map on PropertyShark, it looks like the two houses are built one behind the other close to King street. The lot goes back towards Pioneer Street and then turns towards Richards Street, making a large L shape running across the back yards of the adjacent homes in the center of the block. What do you think of it for $1,495,000?

104 King Street [Elliman] GMAP

08/25/14 9:30am

brownstone street

This weekend The New York Times real estate section looked at people who are finding themselves priced out of Brooklyn. No doubt this has been going on for ages, but the story points to some pricing trends that show that real estate in Brooklyn, or at least in the most expensive north and western neighborhoods (from Red Hook north to Greenpoint and Gowanus and Park Slope) is quickly accelerating towards Manhattan pricing, particularly since the financial crisis in 2008.

According to the story, in the second quarter of this year there were 107 sales over $2 million in these neighborhoods, more than any other quarter. Since 2008 the median sales price has inched 33 percent closer to the median sales price in Manhattan–now $575,000 in Brooklyn versus $910,000 in Manhattan. Five years ago median rental price in these parts of Brooklyn was $1,030 cheaper than in Manhattan. Now it is only $353 cheaper. (more…)

08/25/14 9:00am

children's museum1

Work is continuing on the Children’s Museum’s new rooftop pavilion. The structure is made of a high-tech material that is lighter and more durable than glass and is non-stick so dirt falls off on its own. It is part of an $8.7 million renovation of the 20,000 square foot space that is due to be completed next year. When the space is completed, the museum will be able to rent the space for revenue-generating events as well as it own performance program according to the Daily News. (more…)

08/25/14 8:30am

Red Hook’s Cutting Edge Wireless Network [NY Times]
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Canarsie Remains Stronghold for Middle Class Buyers [The Real Deal]
Third Generation Carroll Gardens Clothing Store Still Going Strong [DNAinfo]
Williamsburg Grocery Chain’s Latest Site Caters to Hispanic Neighbors [DNAinfo]

Photo: Timothy Krause

08/22/14 2:00pm

168 Court Street1

Benefits Cosmetics has just rented a space on Court Street in Cobble Hill. The San Francisco-based company founded by two sisters in 1976 is now a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey. There are Benefit Cosmetics locations in Manhattan, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong among others. This is the is the company’s first Brooklyn outlet.

The shop at 168 Court Street will occupy the 600 square foot retail space and also have access to a large basement and a back yard. Benefit expects to open by the end of the year. (more…)

08/22/14 9:30am

Cumberland front

A tipster let us know about a truly bizarre problem in their Fort Greene apartment building. Apparently someone in the building at 301 Cumberland Street has been dumping trash bags full of urine down the garbage chute. And these are not tiny trash bags, they are the kind used in kitchen garbage cans and they are half full of urine–yes we have a picture of the offending bags after the jump.

According to the tipster this has been going on since about November of 2013 with bag after pee-filled bag bursting at the bottom of the chute or leaking after it lands. The basement now reeks of urine and is becoming unusable. Unfortunately the building’s laundry room is also located in the basement. “Our basement has become a truly foul place to go,” said the tipster. (more…)

54 Boerum

Residents of the Lindsay Park Housing Cooperative in Williamsburg are petitioning to change the practices of the board of directors at one of the city’s largest middle-income housing co-ops according to a report by DNAinfo. They accuse the board of rigging elections, mismanagement and harassment. The petitioners, including the  Community Board 1 chairwoman, say the flawed election process has kept the board president in power for a dozen years. (more…)

08/22/14 8:30am


A Garden Sweet, a Garden Small at Old Stone House in Park Slope [Brooklyn Eagle]
Air Pool: New Tower Will Let You Take a Dip High Above Brooklyn [Brooklyn Paper]
The 15 Most Expensive Homes in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Borough President Announces Affordable Housing for Brooklynites [Amsterdam News]
When ‘Affordable’ Rents Push $3,000 [Atlantic Yards Report]
‘Brooklyn Baby’ Book Features Kale Jelly and a Foodie Trip to Smorgasburg [DNAinfo]

Photo: afogarty62


The Landmark Park Slope on 4th Avenue has just leased 3,300 square feet of space to Gymboree Play & Music, which offers music, art and developmental play classes for children from newborns to five-years old. The company has 550 centers in the U.S. and in 30 countries and two other outlets in Brooklyn. It is building out the space now according to one of the brokers and plans to open in the first quarter of 2015. (more…)

08/21/14 1:30pm

70 lafayette avenue fort greene 82014

This Fort Greene townhouse on Lafayette Avenue is divided up into two duplexes, each with two bedrooms, 2.5 baths and central air conditioning. Each unit has its own outdoor space. Its been recently renovated and there are no details that we can see left inside the home. Everything is new–floors, walls, moldings, recessed lighting. It sold in May of 2013 for $1,300,000 in what looks like an estate sale. It’s asking $3,499,000, quite a windfall for the seller, but that is not out of line with what townhouses are selling for in Fort Greene these days. What do you think of it?

70 Lafayette Avenue [Elliman] GMAP