Saraghina Bakery Opened Yesterday


Saraghina Bakery opened late Wednesday morning at 433 Halsey Street with an array of breads baked in its pizza oven and fancy prepared foods such as olive oil and maple syrup from Italy, Brooklyn and upstate. Next week there will be pastries and tarts, one of the workers told us.

All the breads have some whole grains in them, she said. There are baguettes, bastone, and three varieties of miches: oat, amaranth, and flax and sunflower. German white wheat will make an appearance soon.

We bought an amaranth loaf. It was delicious and we ate far too much of it.

The bakery is decorated with vintage-style and salvage shelving and light fixtures, much like the restaurant.

It also features a surprising innovation: Unlike at the restaurant, credit cards are accepted. GMAP




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  • Yay! I love these guys. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • I wish them the best of luck. But the storefront , or lack of a storefront, really, makes the business very unattractive to me. If I was passing by this store, I would keep walking.

  • I wish them the best, will have to drop by next time I’m in town. I like the (lack-of) storefront. You should have seen what it looked like before. All of their ventures have been very self-effacing and low key. They were doing the reclaimed wood look long before it became de rigeur for every hip Brooklyn establishment. I like the interior, too. It’s a perfect compliment to the restaurant next door.

  • Yeah for my money even a simple sign and front-of-the-building refurbishment couldn’t have hurt. Looks tacky.

  • This is a giant step up for a neighborhood where no one sold fresh bread anywhere east of Scratchbread three days ago. Two types of baguettes. Four types of country bread. Assortment of dry goods. I bought half a loaf of the oat bread, and it was delicious. They say prepared food to come. The people were really nice and welcoming. People are complaining about the lack of a big sign?

  • Fresh bread is nice but I’m not exactly doing any back flips over it. How much trouble would it take to create a simple sign and clean the front of the building? Doesn’t sound unreasonable to me, but hey whatever. Enjoy the bread.

  • shoulda put in a butcher / fish counter like provisions. that’s a lot of space for bread and sundries.

  • I agree that a butcher/fish counter would make sense – and be a wonderful addition. Stuyvesant Heights still doesn’t have a good market to buy everyday foods. I’m stuck with going out of the neighborhood or Freshdirect. I do want to see what else the bakery starts selling once they are truly up and running. There is a lot of room. The goods they have so far aren’t the kind you need to buy on a daily basis. I am looking forward to the pastries and prepared foods though.