Red Hook Industrial Building to Become “Creative” Office, Retail Space


An old ship-engine repair building in Red Hook will be renovated and turned into store and office space for “creative office and retail tenants,” The New York Observer reported. LIVWRK, the real estate investment and development firm that is also a partner with Kushner Companies and RFR Realty in transforming the Watchtower printing plant buildings into office space for creative and tech companies in Dumbo, bought the building Tuesday for $21,500,000.

LIVWRK plans to completely renovate the interior of the 98,650-square-foot industrial building at 160 Van Brunt Street. Fewer than 10 tenants remain in the building, which was sold by Golten Marine.

“The New York shipping industry has slowed down considerably over the last decade or so,” said an agent with TerraCRG, which brokered the sale. “The need to have a large engine repair shop in New York wasn’t as great as it was before. They were able to move a lot of the equipment and the people to other locations.”

Do you think this will be a good use for the building?

LIVWRK Buys Red Hook Building From Ship Repair Company for $21.5 Million [NY Observer]
Photo by Kate Leonova for PropertyShark

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  • Unless the space provides its own private shuttle bus service, this location is going to be DOA. Getting awesome tech folks to flock to less accessible areas is a challenge even to parts of Dumbo or the UES. In an industry where, for better or for worse, there are lots of jobs options on offer, location and the commute actually do play a part in the decision of whether or not to take a gig. Red Hook is a total pain to get to even from nearby Park Slope or Carroll Gardens (I’m aware of the 61 bus, but ever try to get back from Fairway before your ice cream melts and the milk spoils? It can take 20 minutes for a bus to lumber along), let alone parts of Manhattan or further afield in Brooklyn. Unless they make a serious effort to improve transportation options to the site (and preferably for ANYONE visiting Red Hook), I can’t imagine the tech overlords making use of the space at any price.

  • This will probably do well. The location is becoming trendier by the minute, with other similar developments happening nearby, like the warehouses a couple of blocks down Imlay that are being converted to residential lofts. There are many businesses like this in the old stores buildings at the southern tip of Red Hood that have been there, happily, for years already. The isolation of Red Hook is its draw for some people; they like that it is quiet and “away from it all”. They will ride their fixes to work along the Greenway, which happens to run right by the building. I am surprised that they are not demolishing the building and going higher. This is a huge parcel of land and I am sure that zoning would allow them more than the 2 stories of the current building. It’s kind of ugly too, not worth saving. I will miss Gulten Marine; they were one of the last vestiges of the area’s maritime past. But, whatever; things gotta change.