Condo of the Day: 500 4th Avenue, #11D

500 4th avenue park slope 82014

It’s hard to say these days what constitutes a “good deal,” but this new listing at 500 4th Avenue just might qualify. The apartment has two real bedrooms with their own bathrooms as well as a good-sized living area with floor-to-ceiling windows with expansive views and a small private terrace.

Sure, the building’s not long on charm, but the location is decent at this point and the monthly charges only amount to $730. Asking price for the 940-square-foot pad: $899,000.

500 4th Avenue, #11D [Elliman] GMAP

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  • Its definitely not hard to say that $1000 a sq ft for an apartment on 4th Ave and 13th St in Gowanus is NOT a very good deal.

  • I guess $956 a square foot is the same thing as $1,000 a square foot + / – $40,000, which is nothing to most people. In fact if you could send me a true 2 bed / 2 bath condo in an elevator / doorman building north of the Prospect Expressway for less than $900k I’ll give you that $40k. I swear, some people love to just see themselves on these boards even though they are complete idiots.

  • bkresident27 – Wow you really schooled me! How dare I round up 4.6% for easy math ; thank god their are geniuses like you to clarify such immaterial points.

  • Have a look at the DOB site. This building still has a Partial Vacate order in place, and an open violation for FAILURE TO MAINTAIN EXTERIOR BLDG WALL AND APPURTENANCES. THE CONCRETEBALCONIES ARE CRACKED,BULGING,UNKEYED AND DEFECTIVE AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS OF ALL ELEVATIONS. REMEDY: PROVIDE LOCAL LAW 10/80 & L.L.11 REPORTS, which dates back to last summer. Hmm …

    • that is true. My guess is you are probably paying higher common charges or assessment for this reason. Too bad there is such limited inventory in the neighborhood. Giving people’s desperation this will prob still go for above asking

  • I find it pretty awful inside and out, in addition to the negative of being on 4th ave.

  • This shows pretty well all things considered. Being on 4th a huge negative and the quality of construction is likely crap, but the layout is sensible and the addition of those closets in the master bedroom is a huge plus. I’d say this ranks as a decent buy.