Williamsburg’s First Starbucks Opens Monday


Starbucks will open its first Williamsburg location Monday, workers told us when we stopped by earlier today. The coffee shop will be located on the ground floor of the Karl Fischer-designed rental building at 405 Union Avenue, as we reported earlier. Looking forward to this? GMAP

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  • People will rage against it but it will be packed all day long. Just like the one in the Slope despite many, better independent coffee places.

  • Crossing my fingers for Starbucks in Bed Stuy.

  • Totally looking forward to this. Now if they would just put another at the Graham stop. We could actually use a Duane Reade/CVS/Walgreen/Rite Aid type super-pharmacy over here at the Graham stop area too. People would also complain about that but would be first in line when it opened. The 2 local pharmacies close early and often don’t have the medicines you need, and the 99 cent stores that are open later have expired and/or repackaged China OTC medicines that you should probably take at your own risk.

  • There goes the neighborhood!
    Oh wait…..