Neighbors Sue to Stop Methodist Expansion


The lawsuits against developments in Brooklyn are piling up. Preserve Park Slope has filed suit against the city seeking to overturn the variance Methodist received to expand its hospital in Park Slope. The suit contends that a proper environmental impact report was not done and also that the variance disregards a 2003 rezoning of the area, reported The Real Deal.

Plaintiffs claim existing buildings on the block would be “virtually walled in” by the 485,000-square-foot medical facility. “Our community deserves a better analysis of why the hospital needs a building of this magnitude and how they will reduce the impact this expansion will have on our already overcrowded 19th century streets before undertaking such a massive project,” Preserve Park Slope President Bennett Kleinberg told the paper.

The vote by the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals was unanimous and followed a year of meetings and plan revisions with the community board and public, said hospital officials, who characterized the lawsuit as the work of a “small, special interest group” and said it could delay construction. What do you think?

Park Slope Group Sues to Halt New York Methodist Expansion [TRD]

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  • NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY…its so disgraceful. There is a land use process – this expansion went through it and past UNANIMOUSLY and since it didnt go there way they are going to sue, delaying everything, costing the hospital needless money that could be used for better purposes and in the end….they will lose.

    So selfish and disgusting really, but typical.

  • Yay! Very glad they are suing. The proposal is utterly absurd for the location. If that’s NIMBY-ism, that’s okay with me.

  • brklynmind, if you have evidence that Methodist went through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), please share it. Otherwise, please cease your disinformation campaign. And since you’re concerned about costing the hospital needless money, perhaps you’d like to focus your attack on the cost of Methodist’s decades-long acquisition of surrounding residential buildings they’ve emptied and kept vacant.
    “So selfish and disgusting really, but typical.” You display an abnormal contempt for the surrounding community.

    • So you would have preferred that they acquired the properties through Eminent Domain?

      • Like most trolls, brklynmind, you change the subject rather than answer the question: how much did it needlessly cost Methodist Hospital to keep properties vacant until they could collect enough to engineer an expansion?
        Methodist’s history of “being a good neighbor (not)” include threatened opposition to expansion of the historic district if they were not carved out of it, and Lyn Hill’s public threat to build something “the community would hate even more” if they were not granted a variance and had to build as of right.

  • It didnt need to go through ULURP – just a variance through the Board of Standards, which they went through and were approved UNANIMOUSLY (after being approved by the community Board) – but of course you know the requirements and it is you who is spreading disinformation.

    My contempt isnt for the ‘surrounding community’ – it is for the people whose main concerns is their personal property values and/or a desire to maintain things the way they were for their own personal benefit and a willingness to abuse the judicial process to achieve those selfish aims.

  • “Methodist’s decades-long acquisition of surrounding residential buildings they’ve emptied and kept vacant.”

    Maybe you should be blaming your fellow Park Slope neighbors for selling to them.

  • Hard not to see them as NIMBY when they make statements like “Our community deserves a better analysis of why the hospital needs a building of this magnitude”

    Is that really the problem then? Unhappy with the quality of the analysis?

    Please Park Slope, learn from the mistakes made with St. Vincents in the city. They got nothing but condos, and Methodist could always pull the plug and decide to sell it’s entire operation + the vacant sites for a HUGE profit which they could invest in a cheaper market.

    • NY Methodist never has, and never will provide the services St. Vincents provided. Their expansion is not about addressing the public health crisis in Brooklyn, or serving those who’ve lost services at LICH and Interfaith. This expansion is about building suites for select, highly profitable, drive-through one-day medical procedures. And if you think Methodist is not planning to someday convert their expansion into condos, think again. Variance in hand, the dimensions of the new building lend themselves to just that, with hospital management just biding time until Barnes&Noble lease expires and they proceed to next stage of expansion.

  • Both of the suit’s contentions are true. The traffic study was absurd and there was no impact study of the massive new heating and cooling systems to be installed (the documents should still be up on Methodist’s website, should anyone actually care to read them before commenting).
    Also, as CB6 pointed out both in their own meetings and to the BSA, Methodist and surrounding blocks were carved out of the historic district in 2003 in order to allow for expansion. As part of the deal, however, the current zoning (for which they’re now seeking a variance) was put in place specifically to keep Methodist’s future expansion within reasonable limits for the neighborhood.
    And again – no one is against expansion per se or better outpatient services. It’s all the other stuff Methodist is piling on, and their lack of community accountability (no matter what Lynn Hill says to the contrary).

  • “there was no impact study of the massive new heating and cooling systems to be installed”

    Please, tell us more about this abuse.