Condo of the Day: 584 Pacific Street, #2

584 pacific street boerum hill 72014

Personally we prefer our townhouses to feel a little older, but the newer look of this triplex at 584 Pacific Street is bound to appeal to someone’s sense of cleanliness and order. The 2,050-square-foot condo has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in addition to four terraces. The proximity to the Barclays Center might be a deterrent to some though, especially at the asking price of $2,200,000.

584 Pacific Street, #2 [Warren Lewis Sotheby’s] GMAP

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  • Is “The proximity to the Barclays Center” really an issue if you’re not right on Flatbush or Atlantic??? This street’s traffic doesn’t even flow off of Flatbush.

    • when there are events, all of these blocks between 4th and 5th are basically a parking lot, because people will keep circling looking for free parking.

      but the problem here is more likely the noise from the arena itself, and noise/trash from pedestrians traveling to and from the arena. it doesn’t seem like a big deal to adults, esp in exchange for the amenities of the area. but if you have young kids (and this condo is designed for a family), with things like homework and bedtimes, i could see it being pretty disruptive.

      also, the buildings on the other side of the street will eventually be torn down and replaced by a giant tower, so that probably increases the incentive to sell sooner rather than later.

      • I lived on a similar block recently. We were looking at Barclays opening with a bit of horror, but it honestly is not much of an issue if you are on a side street. Arena noise probably wouldn’t be terrible, as it is isn’t immediately up against the arena (maybe don’t put the youngest kids in the street-facing bedrooms). Yes, there’s definitely a bit more foot traffic on event nights, but I rarely noticed people lingering in the area – as a woman, I actually looked at it as a plus on nights when I worked late.

        The construction in the area is definitely an issue. However, if you’re viewing this as a long-term investment, a new building replacing Modell’s could be a positive.

        • true, i don’t think people linger, but to me if it’s enough noise on a regular basis, it’s still a problem.

          there is definitely a premium to living in this location (for lots of good reasons) but if you’re a family you’re probably not getting to appreciate them that much, while also feeling more of the negatives. but could work better for a family with older kids, no kids, etc…

          i live about 4 blocks from the arena and i hear/feel bass coming from the arena during certain concerts. it’s not enough to bother me but i assume across the street is probably worse. anyway, i think buyers will have that question in their minds but perhaps that’s already factored into the ask. i’m not in the market so i don’t know.

  • Cant ask for easier route to Modell’s and PC Richards for all your shopping needs.

  • i like new but this pad is not bringing the sexy. awful.

  • Terraces are nice, but if I’m dropping $2m+ to live in a brownstone, I want a garden.

  • Living here may make you feel like you own the building and have a tenant. But the lack of garden space will make it feel, despite the three floors, like an apartment. Also, this has block has no charm. As bad as it may be looking at the backside of modells and pc richards, it probably won’t be long before they are redeveloped into something bigger – and for the sake of scale – much worse.

  • I’m sorry, but for $2m can they at least give me $24 lighting fixtures and not $9.99 models? WTF?