Bed Stuy Reno: The Home Stretch?

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As you may recall, in our last installment, I was dealing with the “no-show” plumber and was in the process of firing him. Firing a plumber is actually much more difficult than I thought. The plumber has to agree to withdraw his permit from the job or agree to allow another plumber to work under his permit, or the owner has to send a letter to the DOB outlining his negligence, and after review the plumber could be removed.

Well, my plumber would not agree to withdrawing on his own, and going the DOB route would add weeks if not months to an already delayed job. In the end, I was stuck with him.  He continued to leave work half done, late and unacceptable. In the end, I  ignored his objections and had another plumber finish the work. The real drama may ensue when he has to close the job.

This renovation has literally been a second full-time job. But in the middle of the madness comes the fun stuff. And for me, the fun stuff is picking out finishes such as countertops.

Prices for stone countertops range greatly, depending on the type of stone and the fabricator. Luckily for those of us in Brooklyn, there are some great stone fabricators in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I rented a Zipcar on a Saturday afternoon and headed over to check a few out.

First, I was incredibly excited that there were places in New York City with such a huge amount of stone selections on site.  I fell in love with an absolutely amazing piece of quartzite at one of the stone yards but it was way out of budget. I tried to calculate not eating or buying a new mattress to make it work.

In the end, I went with a beautiful  and affordable slab of marble. Let’s not discuss the upkeep of marble, ok?

Overall, the last six weeks have been the most stressful part of the renovation. Hopefully, we’re in the home stretch now.

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  • hi, thanks for your post! I’m in the home stretch of my kitchen now too (hear you on the ‘second job’ thing…) and am also planning to have marble counters. Could you post the name of the stone yard and fabricator you ultimately opted for and maybe why you chose that particular one? You said the marble you found was affordable which makes me feel hopeful that this won’t me over budget. I haven’t really spec’d costs but from what I saw was thinking it’s come in about $100 SF, fabricated… Any additional info you can provide would be really appreciated.

    • I went to SMC Stone and Stone depot- within a half mile from each other.
      SMC stone has a huge selection and you can pretty much find any stone type that you want there.
      Stone Depot is basically a no frills place with a smaller selection. The pieced I loved was at SMC stone but in the end I purchased from Stone Depot- their marble was much cheaper, although their selection of quartzite was poor. The countertops are being installed Saturday, so I’ll update on how the installation went.

      • thanks for the details, I’ll look for your follow up. Very exciting. Marble is so beautiful.

      • Hi I recently renovated my Brownstone on Stuyvesant Ave, and I noticed (although I may be wrong) your deck off the parlor floor, who did that work for you? I wanted metal but I got an estimate from Bracci and it was out of this world, any advice would help. Thanks

        • Hi,
          My contractor sub contracted the deck – not sure who he used. But it came in at budget. It’s actually one of the only things he’s managed to do right.

  • We also did marble for our kitchen reno, $60 sq foot fabricated, ABC stone on banker street. They have a large variety and this was the low end, but looks amazing and we are very happy. Marble is also one of the easiest stones to fabricate, so we went with a lower cost fabricator. Worked out great for us.

  • Is the first picture the marble you chose? Or the quartzite you fell in love with? It looks exactly like macauba granite, which would not have any of the upkeep issues we’re not going to talk about.

    • The first photo is actually the quartzite- which also has no upkeep issues. I’ve never heard of macauba granite- will have to look it up.

      • where did you go for that quartzite? I am also doing a reno in bedstuy and my wife and I were looking for counters. We liked marble but dont want to deal with the upkeep.