Rental of the Day: 382 Hancock Street, #3

This nicely renovated five-bedroom, two-bath triplex in Bed Stuy is spacious and comes partially furnished. The 2,100-square-foot pad has plenty of original details, including moldings and a number of decorative, mirrored mantels. There’s also a deck, shared backyard, dishwasher and washer/dryer. The C at Kingston-Throop is about five blocks away. Do you think $5,000 a month is fair?

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  • $1000/bedroom is on the very low end of the market as they are generally renting at minimum for about 1250/room in this area. Prices move higher the closer to Clinton Hill you are.

    • “bedrooms” in nyc are often not real bedrooms even if the listing says so. You really have to know the actual size of the room to factor the $1000/bedroom. If the “bedroom” only fits a twin bed and nothing else, this is more of a cell than a room. So I do not think you can go off of the $1000/bedroom estimate given we don’t know the dimensions of the room., this listing is not close to Clinton Hill.

  • Dear building owner, you’ve been “Corcoranized”! This rent would be realistic in a more prime Clinton Hill or Fort Greene (I’ve seen comparable duplex listings at that sf for close to $5000), but not yet in Bed Stuy. PLUS, there are NO utilities included in this rental so you are looking at spending a few extra hundred dollars per month in the winter, bringing the rent closer to $5300 – 5400 in those arctic months.

    $5000 is a bit premature pricing for that part of the neighborhood – still lots of crime around there. But as this is a Corcoran listing (specialists in hyper inflating rents before their time), you can expect their rentals to be overpriced by a few hundred dollars. Corcoran just throws out high numbers. Many of their rentals are eventually reduced when they sit empty.

    I would say around $4500 is probably market rate in that hood right now for such digs and considering there is going to be a hefty broker’s fee for this rental, no utilities included and you have to live with some of the furnishings (listings says it is “partially furnished”) this is not a deal.

    Why don’t owners ever consider those hefty brokers fees? If they rented direct to tenants they would get higher rents. Renters always factor the fees into their rents, wouldn’t owners rather pocket that money than the brokers?. Owners, it does not take that much time to rent direct. Be a good new york citizen – consider it! you were most likely renters once yourself. probably another topic…