Monday Blogwrap

decaying flatbush church

Bushwick Warehouse Near Rheingold Brewery Site Likely to Fetch $34 Million [Crain’s]
A Novel Fund Lets Investors Take It to the Streets of Brooklyn [Crain’s]
“Barclays Effect” Drawing Big-Name Businesses to Flatbush Avenue [DNAinfo]
Brad Lander Has a “Save the Kentile” Sign Petition [Brokelyn]
Upscale Pastry, Sammy, Grocery? [Q at Parkside]
What Exactly IS a “21st-Century” Library? [BHB]
Beacon’s Closet to Silently Open Its New Location in East Williamsburg/Bushwick [Bushwick Daily]
Third Board of Standards and Appeals Hearing for Rock and Roll Playhouse on June 17 [PMFA]

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