Listing Goes up for New-Construction Townhomes in PLG Asking $1.875 Million


Construction is not yet finished, but a listing is up for one of a row of new-construction town houses in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The ask: $1,875,000. The phenomenon of building new townhouses started in prime brownstone neighborhoods close to Manhattan and now is spreading outward through the borough.

As Curbed noted last week, the marketing identifies the neighborhood as “Heights Park,” and that is also the name of the row. The developer is Residential Development Group.

The facades strike a balance (or a compromise?) between modern and traditional. Each one will have three units, including an owner’s triplex that includes an underground “finished basement,” the ground floor and part of the first floor. This floor plan is more typically seen in condos, not townhouses. An owner would likely get more space — or a grander space — for the money in a traditional row house, but the rental income is likely to be higher with these.

What do you think of the design and the price?

280 Hawthorne Street Listing [Douglas Elliman]

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  • The attempt at re-naming the neighborhood is hilarious, mainly because it’s unnecessary, but even more so because “Heights Park” is so incredibly generic. The houses themselves are somewhat less objectionable than some other new construction–at least there aren’t any “Fedders” AC covers on the front facade. I guess they’re OK for someone foolish enough to want to buy new construction (presumable because they think they’ll have fewer problems than with a new house–which makes sense, on the face of it, except for the minor problem that reality indicates otherwise) As to the price, you could do far better in the neighborhood for hundreds of thousands less, when and IF houses are available.

  • The floor plan layouts are some of the worst I have seen in a long time and the as Curbed says “probably illegal” front yard parking slabs!?
    How can they design an “owners unit” (triplex?) that is a finished basement, ground floor and half the second floor with the only access to the garden through the basement or bedrooms on the ground floor?. The kitchen being in the middle of the floor with a skinny living room due to the tenants public hallway access?. And the heat/ AC is probably forced hot air…the cheapest to install….. yuk
    Do some of these architects/developers stop to think how people actually like to live in and use the space?
    And at this price in this location?! I would rather buy one of the Atlantic Commons resale’s….. 3 family with parking in the back.

  • Parking on slab in front of the house is just awful and probably illegal. Bet they do it anyway.

  • According to zoning, looks like parking in front here is probably legit.

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    “Traditional” I guess refers to the little cornice on top. Wow. Some real design innovation there.
    Just another box of bricks. If there is an architecture office behind this, I’m guessing they let the intern do this one…

  • yes, parking on a slab of concrete in your front yard is for the suburbs, not for Brooklyn. this really shouldn’t be allowed … it makes for a truly ugly streets cape, and is unsafe for pedestrians.

  • streetscape – damn auto correct