House of the Day: 261 Fenimore Street

261 fenimore street prospect lefferts gardens 62014

This center hall stair house with triple parlor has acres of unpainted wood work and plenty of original details, including inlaid floors, stained glass, pocket doors, mantels and a coffered ceiling. There is an updated kitchen on the parlor floor, an updated bath with a claw foot tub, and central air.

There is also tons of closet space upstairs, including two walk-in closets, as well as an additional room that could be used as a home office. Although 261 Fenimore Street is located in the Lefferts Manor district with its single-family covenant, there is an in-law unit or guest suite with a kitchen in the English basement.

There is also a landscaped backyard with pond, waterfall and automatic irrigation. What do you think of it and the asking price of $1,595,000?

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  • This is the sort of house that makes me want to go buy a lottery ticket. Wish I’d have bought one when then were like 200-some K, back when I saw some when I was looking for a two-bedroom coop. But, back then, I didn’t think I could both buy a house and afford to renovation needed, or the heating costs with the pre-renovation windows.

  • For that price, it’s a STEAL, especially considering some of the other houses recently posted here.

  • beautiful house. not the prettiest block

  • Lovely. Houses in PLG always make me think how over-priced Bed Stuy is by comparison.

  • Nice house but makes Ditmas Park seem undervalued to me. For that money you could get very a similar if not better interior in a bigger house with a more individual design and a lot more amenities on your doorstep.

    There’s just not that much around PLG.

  • Went to see 353 East 25th st a couple weeks ago. East 25th between Clarendon and Ave D is lined on both sides by unbroken rows of 2-story brownstones. I believe these were designed by Benjamin Dreisler, and are identical to most of the 2-story houses in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Center parlor fireplace, stained glass in the french doors, stained glass over the stairs, wainscoting in the dining room, 20X45 single family house. Dreisler’s office was at Flatbush and Ave C, right around the corner from this block.
    If you want a PLG house at a bargain price, check out these. It’s one of the prettiest blocks in Flatbush. This one went for about 700k in estate condition.
    You wouldn’t believe the dining room – not only did it have unpainted wainscoting all around, it had ivory colored bas-relief panels that told the story of the harvest with little cherubic figures tending hoes, etc. Completely intact, went the entire perimeter of the dining room, about 10 panels.
    Some of the neighboring blocks have very grand flats buildings. The transit is not as quick as the Q, but Flatbush is next in line for the gentrifying masses seeking better prices for fixer uppers.

    • Like it – this is the sort of posts we need more of especially if you have less than 1 million to spend on a townhouse. All we mostly see here in that range in East Bed-Stuy but there are other options out there for the more ‘adventurous’, Flatbush, Kensington etc.

      • Kensington options are rapidly diminishing. There was a pretty single family house that sold for over a million a few months ago and made all the brokers see dollar signs in their eyes. What little there is on the market right now is in dreadful condition.
        Most of the houses there were once just as grand as any other neighborhood built up around 1900. However without a single-family covenant like PLG, they were more likely to be divided into 2 and 3 units, and gutted.
        In fact a lot of the same builders and architects that built other neighborhoods built Kensington houses. There’s a story about a row of houses built by Benjamin Dreisler in the Brooklyn Eagle, including floor plans and descriptions of grand interiors – the houses are on McDonald Ave, now sadly under the F train tracks.