House of the Day: 17 Fairview Place

17 fairview place flatbush 62014

Here’s a yellow-brick Renaissance Revival row house that seems relatively affordable in Flatbush. There seems to be some detail remaining on the parlor floor, including the staircase and a built-in in a niche in the dining room, although the photos are so small it’s hard to see.

There are no photos of kitchens or baths. It’s currently set up as an owner’s duplex over a rental in the English basement. Do you think the ask of $630,000 seems reasonable?

17 Fairview Place [Citi Habitats] GMAP

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  • Great deal. Everyone btching and moaning about missing the boat on bed stuy and crown heights should check out Flatbush.

  • I saw this one.
    It’s a nice house.
    No mantels left. Wood floors, but planks, with parquet only in some rooms. Needs new mechanicals.
    The kitchen was not terrible – functional and clean, even with a dishwasher. At this price point you could just keep it.
    The basement rental is tiny, with 2 windows total, and dubious legality. I’m not sure if you could get $1000/month for it. Maybe better for a mother-in-law situation than a real garden rental to a stranger.
    It may look cheap to folks used to Corcoran in Bed-Stuy, but in Flatbush 2 families are regularly going for $550k. The corner house across the street from this one sold for that a few months ago and was 20 feet wide and a true 2 family – this one is 18′ wide with a questionable rental.
    The best part of this house is the facade, the size of the yard, and the proximity to the subway.