House of the Day: 165 Diamond Street

165 diamond street greenpoint 62014

This two-family at 165 Diamond Street in Greenpoint has a slick-but-rustic renovation with exposed beams, exposed brick, white kitchen with marble island, and a deck overlooking a lush lawn. And while none of these things seemed to work well in yesterday’s rental, we think they look very appealing here.

We just wish they’d upgraded the exterior to match while they were at it. It’s currently set up as a three-bedroom duplex over a garden rental. The building last sold for $800,000 to an LLC in November, which did the renovation, according to a construction permit. Do you think the ask of $1,850,000 sounds about right?

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  • Waiting for yesterday’s ROTD nitpickers to return all bent out of shape over the exposed beams.

  • saw this sunday… has some nice elements, but overall has that too-shiny developer flip feel. I agree that they really could have done better than just slapping some new vinyl on the exterior. also, I don’t see how the lower level apartment can be legal. the block doesn’t have the world’s prettiest homes, but it’s got a lot of older, long-time residents that make it feel like part of a real neighborhood.

  • Not as awful as yesterday’s reno. Having said that, I would hope that a house at this price would not have vinyl clad exterior (zero maintenance, guaranteed ugly forever!)
    Also, are ceilings passé now?

  • $100k in expenditures on a better facade would result in price appreciation of $500k.