Condo of the Day: 185 Plymouth Street, #3S

185 plymouth street dumbo 62014

This new loft listing at 185 Plymouth Street in Dumbo is pretty impressive. The 3,275-square-foot condo has beautiful original details (namely wood columns and exposed brick walls) as well as some sleek modern touches in the kitchen and bathroom. The only negative we can see is that the living area fronts on what appears to be an interior courtyard. There seems to be plenty of light, though, so perhaps not a deal killer. Asking price is $4,400,000 and there’s an open house on Sunday from 12 to 1:30 pm.

185 Plymouth Street, #3S [Sotheby’s] GMAP

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  • Well this is an example of exposed beams done right and beautiful!

    Unlike that B-Stuy rental the other day with partial plaster ceilings and not enough outlets bc of all the exposed structure.

  • Terrible curb appeal. And those huge window straight into a shared courtyard would be a deal-breaker, especially with such an open floorplan, both for personal privacy and because there are just things of my neighbors’ that I don’t need to see.

  • what a joke. finishes look so sloppy, the exposed brick is not pretty and those industrial style outlets and WTF with that baseboard heating? listing says central AC, i don’t see any ducts or vents in the pictures. finally the outdoor space is weird and small and the whole thing looks like an office not a home. you can do so much better for $4mm, like the Gretsch penthouse for $4.25mm

    • The interior isn’t bad at all, it’s just not a home.
      It should be marketed at an event space or live work.
      Completely ugly from the outside…Maybe in need of some exterior brick exposure for the full industrial feel their going for.
      4Mill does sound crazy, but’s it’s dubmo…the place where elephants are free to fly…lol