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Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Name: Greenpoint EMS Station, FDNY
Address: 332 Metropolitan Avenue
Cross Streets: Roebling and Havemeyer Streets
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Year Built: 2011-13
Architect: Michielli & Wyetzner Architects
Other Buildings by Architect: Lehman College Concert Hall, Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, Gottesman Library upgrades, Yeshiva University, plus many more public and residential projects
Landmarked: No

The story: Standing between a large 19th century factory/warehouse building and a couple of small two story former carriage houses, the very modern, 21st century Greenpoint EMS station is a jolt of color and shape on a Williamsburg Street. The two story structure built for the FDNY houses ambulances, emergency crews and their equipment only, and was built to expand the city’s capabilities to answer medical emergencies.

The building was designed by Michielli & Wyetzner Architects, a Manhattan-based firm that specializes in buildings that look like this – lots of glass and steel working together in ways that play off light and space against structural needs and function. They’ve designed libraries and halls for several NYC university campuses, as well as private homes and retreats in the Hamptons and elsewhere. Their work can be found around the country.

The garage space of the building has open bays for four ambulances and a command vehicle. It also holds a support zone and protective equipment storage. This part of the building also has administrative offices for the lieutenant and staff. The second floor holds locker rooms and bathrooms for the 54 women and 97 men who make up the stations three shifts. There is also a gym, training room and a 700 square foot combined kitchen and lounge area.

The building is filled with light, due to the airy and glassy construction and a large back to front skylight that floods the entire building with light. The architects also included the iconic FDNY red doors to the building, adding a nice touch of color to an otherwise stark façade. The building broke ground in 2011, and the ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Sept 30, 2013. More photographs and renederings can be found here, in an article about the building. GMAP

(Photo:New York City Department of Design and Construction )

Photo: Google Maps

Photo: Google Maps

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  • I can’t say it’s much of anything architecturally (this curtain wall steel/glass stuff is the equivalent of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances) but it does make a nice contrast, and I’m sure the folks working there are happy not to be shoehorned into an old building like so many companies seem to be.

  • Unlike previous recent administrations, Bloomberg’s people did try to put some imagination into municipal architecture. In Bushwick, a new firehouse situated on Knickerbocker Ave. near – I think – Gates Ave. – provides another good example to this approach. It also compares quite favorably to the bland – though greatly needed – Koch era new 83rd Precinct situated a few blocks to the west.

  • I’m with John D. – good example of small municipal architecture, typical of the Bloomberg era. That said, this building is in the wrong place – access for the ambulances is not good, and most of them wind up parking on the street, not in the building. But it’s a very nice building.