Brooklyn Public House Reopens in Fort Greene


Brooklyn Public House hopes to open tonight, workers inside told us when we stopped by earlier today. Brown paper is up in the windows at 247 Dekalb Avenue, and the liquor license was granted yesterday. After shuttering in December, it now has a new owner, who apparently plans to keep the pub menu and look largely the same. GMAP

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  • Great news!

    Maybe the new owners will diversify the beer menu.

    The old owners started off with a diverse menu, but as the months went by, it focused more and more on the same old same old: hoppy beer, high alcohol beer, belgian/wheat beer, or all of the above.

    Malty-er brews like English ales, stouts, porters or just ambers are always a welcome addition.

  • Great news although some tweaks to the menu would be an improvement.