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  • $1.8 million for the southern edge of Sunset Park. They didn’t clean up for the photos. The lack of professionalism in the real estate business is horrifying.

    • Based on the location, I’m assuming this listing will be targeted to a large multi-generational family, or an investor who will fill those 8 legal bedrooms with ~20 people, at least.

  • 137 Adelphi looks nice, not overpriced. Its handicaps are that it’s close to the BQE, on a scrungy block, far from subways (though people always forget you can cut right through FG Park and have every train you want not too far away). So, again, I think priced accordingly; because in that part of FG it’s hard to call anything a handicap. Myrtle Ave is great over there, and it is, in fact, just a block from the Park. Plus the Navy Yard is going to be huge and already has some great cafes etc.

    • 137 Adelphi is overpriced for the location and build quality, not to mention the fact that it backs up to a huge industrial complex. They also completely blew the layout on the ground floor. If they’d gone $500K lower they’d have had a bidding war on their hands and the house would already be sold for the ask (or more). As-is, I think this one’s going to linger for a while. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a price drop in a week or two.