Open House Picks

Clinton Hill
107 St James Place
Broker: Brown Harris Stevens
Price: $3,000,000
Sunday 2:30 – 4:30

Park Slope
371 13th Street
Broker: Corcoran
Price: $2,000,000
Sunday 1:00 – 2:30

Clinton Hill
195 Gates Avenue
Broker: Brown Harris Stevens
Price: $1,795,000
Saturday 1:30 – 3:00, Sunday 2:30 – 4:00

Bed Stuy
286 Van Buren Street
Broker: Corcoran
Price: $1,175,000
Sunday 2:30 – 4:00

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  • Attnetion, realtors: Stop calling every south slope frame with a front porch a “farmhouse”!!! That is simply wrong as a historical matter. This one, alleged to have been built circa 1860, sits on the former Richard Berry farm, which was sold off in 1848, subdivided for downhouse development in 1849 in accordance with the new street grid, and sold off in parcels. The farmhouse itself does not survive, but in any event it was located on the west side of the old Gowanus road (now 3rd avenue in the south slope).

    Also, despite all the ad’s references to the house’s charm, anyone else think the ad dogwhistles to developers who might be interested in tearing this one down to build out the full 5000 “buildable” square feet??

    • absolutely – I know the market is crazy, but would anyone really buy a 2-story fixer-upper for $2M without intending to build some FAR-maxing monstrosity? I really hope this house’s charm is such that it can avoid that fate. How does one spot a developer at an open house, as opposed to the typical wealthy-yet-still-priced-out Slope househunter?

    • @25 feet wide this is priced for speculators. The usual suspects will gobble this one up. The interior condition does not warrant $2m even with the 2 story garage

  • We need MM to profile this house!

  • ha – 107 st james place is the house I am haunted by – we juuust missed out on it when it was for sale in 2007 and ended up buying a place in greenwood heights, which we have loved. We listed our place in Greenwood Heights a couple of weeks ago and have been on the emotional roller coaster which is selling a home which is invested with great memories etc, to now see that 107 St James Place is for sale for almost twice the amount of our place…

    • Don’t feel too bad, 107 St James is surly asking way too much considering 86 Cambridge Place just around the corner offers so much more for not much more than a generic 20′ wide house. Plus 86 Cambridge has a Garage, Parking and a huge garden! 107 St James seems very over priced to me….it will be interesting to see…

  • This is definitely being sold as a teardown. I don’t see anybody paying $2000/sf for this otherwise.

  • The 13th Street house considering it comes with a large garage/work studio space and a decent size garden…compared to 3BR condo’s in the area etc. looks priced very well to me.
    It is not a developers price as some here seem to think, but obviously it needs to be priced high enough to save it from that.
    Anything cheaper and it could end up being a development site.

    • Either way, its still not a farmhouse.

      • Don’t know about this house specifically, but many of the “farmhouses” in the South Slope were, in fact, originally farmhouses that were picked up and moved onto the lots created when the street grid was laid. So, it is entirely possible that this is/was a farmhouse.

        • You have any citation or references for that claim? I find it hard to believe.

        • There were not “many” farmhouses in the south slope. There were about 4-5 farms total in what we now consider the south slope. For example Berry farm ran from mouth of gowanus to ppw, 12th to backyard btwn 14-15 streets. That’s 1 farmhouse. Other farms were similarly sized in the area. Also, you would think a farmhouse would have windows on all four sides.