Off the Transit Grid in Brooklyn


Biking is the Brooklyn way. It’s the fastest way to get to work if you work, say, in Dumbo and live in Fort Greene, said the New York Times. The Navy Yard is also easier to reach on a bike.

Biking can also mean lower housing costs, if you rent or buy in a transit-starved area such as Red Hook. And of course, it’s handy to meet up with friends who are not that far away as the bird flies, but would take an hour or more to reach on the bus. Do you use a bike to get around Brooklyn or are you considering it this summer? Where do you store your bike when you’re not using it?

Bikes Change the Brooklyn Apartment Hunt [NY Times]

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  • In the 2 weeks after Sandy, I biked to work from my house at Park Slope to my office at West 51st. It take around 45min, about 10mins longer than train ride. It was a very nice ride until I hit 34th street, that is where power were restored. But I wouldn’t do it when traffic is heavy.

  • I have been riding regularly from Brooklyn to the Murray Hill area of Manhattan for several years, and currently commute from East Bed-Stuy. Very happy to see more bike paths popping up in the farther reaches of Brooklyn, hope they continue. As far as storage, at work our employer was wonderful in making sure there is space for bikes. Places of work are required by law to provided bike parking space inside the building using the freight elevator. If indoor space is not available or the freight elevator cannot be used, then space must be provided within a minimum distance from your work place and free of charge. I was not ware of these laws, here is a link to them through NYC DOT. Many work places may not be aware that these laws exist, so approach your employer to try and work something out…