Market Stats: Williamsburg vs. Dumbo


Today Williamsburg has just barely edged out Dumbo from its longtime perch as the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn, according to our market stats. The average price per square foot in Williamsburg is $1,133, vs. Dumbo’s $1,132. Though today Vinegar Hill actually takes the crown at $1,193 per square foot, although with only 10 listings.

We believe the reason Williamsburg is neck and neck with Dumbo is that it has an increasing number of large units for sale, and the price of these is also increasing. Note these stats are for asking prices, not closed sales. They are for all types of properties.

2 Comment

  • some of the larger condo listings seems outrageous, but there seem to be people willing to pay batsh!t prices… somebody recently closed on a 2550sf apartment in the esquire for $5m in an off-market deal. that’s just a hair under $2k/sf without ever being publicly listed!

  • Come on Williamsburg developers! You can do it. You still haven’t totally squeezed out all the last remaining people who made this neighborhood actually interesting.