House of the Day: 5 Plaza Street West

This is as detailed a Renaissance Revival house as any we have seen, including 259 Decatur Street, but unlike most, it appears to be in very good condition. In addition to the usual elaborate moldings, parquet and decorative plasterwork, all of which it has in abundance, there are also some unusual stained glass windows and fireplaces, as well as (presumably original) gas sconces in a bedroom.

We also think we spy ceiling frescos in the parlor and there is a most extraordinary bathroom with tons of woodwork and two stained glass windows, which we’re guessing is a later reconfiguration of the original passthrough and closets. Curbed pointed out that a small section of floor and a water-stained part of the ceiling in the center parlor need repair, but otherwise it looks pretty flawless to us. Do you think it will go for the ask of $4,250,000?

5 Plaza Street West [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

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  • I hate to admit it but these houses are all beginning to look the same to me.
    Haven’t we seen this multi-million dollar parlor about 45 times already?

  • if they get that price -WOW – the market really is surreal

  • I don’t know — that is a lot of building. Too much house for me. I assume you turn it to a two-family, but I am not sure how much it would cost to bring it to code.

    The other downside to it is the rear — if you streetview it from 8th Avenue, you can see the rear is fairly exposed. OTOH, a parking space is a parking space.

  • these houses were built by the hundreds as speculative development for the booming middle classes in the late 19th century, early 20th century. They are not one of a kind palazzi built for the nobility or super-exquisite mansions for the very wealthy. The fact that they are being put on the market today for these prices is just absurd. We have lost our minds. Let the buyer be ware.