House of the Day: 286 Van Buren Street

The updates in this Bed Stuy house are pretty easy on the eyes, and plenty of charming details remain. It’s set up as an owner’s duplex over a garden-floor rental.

The new floors don’t look too bad, and there are plenty of original moldings (as well as what looks to be some 1950s crown moldings), tin ceilings, slate mantels, hex tile and other delights. The simple kitchen counters and cupboards seem in keeping with the style of the house, as does the subway-tiled bathroom pictured.

Although located between Lewis and Stuyvesant, it’s close to the J train and a 10-block hike to the shops on Halsey in Stuy Heights. Do you think they’ll get their ask of $1,175,000?

286 Van Buren Street [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • Saw it in person. Not the quality of work I would expect for the price.

  • Needs work – like a larger deck, and a non-spiral staircase to the garden, and a bathtub in the duplex. Still, I like the layout. I don’t like the look of any of the floors, myself, as I prefer regular hardwood that looks something like the original hardwood, if replaced (though I love hundred year old floorboards best), unless you are going for a completely modern look, which this place isn’t, rather than this stuff that looks like bamboo in the rental, and engineered wood, or at least pre-finished boards, in the duplex. Didn’t know you could heat an entire home with in-floor heating in these parts.