Gingerbread House Drops Price Again


Bay Ridge’s Gingerbread House is back on the market with a new agent (Corcoran), new photos and a new price, as Curbed was the first to note. The new ask is $10,500,000, a drop of half a million from the price tag of $11,000,000 last year. In 2009, the sellers wanted $12,000,000.

Click through to the listing to see the photos in high res. Given the way the market has been moving lately, do you think the new ask will get the deal done? What do you think the house is worth?

8220 Narrows Avenue Listing [Corcoran]
House of the Day: 8200 Narrows Avenue [Brownstoner]
Photo by Corcoran

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  • Wow Carrie Chiang coming out to Bay Ridge for a listing. I don’t I’ve ever seen her take a listing in Brooklyn before let alone in Bay Ridge. I guess for 10mm anything is possible.

  • Location Location Location and this one is not very good considering the enormous asking price. It is directly across the street from one of the largest public high schools in the entire system (Ft. Hamilton 4,600 students) and the facility is highly active 7 days a week year round in one way or another. This would include an enormous athletic field practically in Gingerbread’s front yard. Bottom line; anyone with this kind of money is looking on Shore Road or high 70’s.

  • Dr. Zizmor’s house is for sale, I’d prefer it over this.

  • This has been my favorite house for 30 years, though I agree the proximity to the HS would be a deal-breaker. And what a HIDEOUS bathroom!

  • Way, way, way overpriced, still. They’ll be lucky to get $5M, which would still I believe be the most expensive house ever sold in Bay Ridge. The large lot is nice, but it’s not *that* large, and the location is not the ideal one needed to sell a property like this. Also, I still don’t see why most people would take this house over a $3M also-attractive mansion on Shore Road with harbor views. How cute it is is surely not worth more than a million or two by itself.

  • I have to admit to ignorance about appropriate pricing, and I really don’t like the gingerbread exterior, but I am mostly crazy about the interior spaces. OK, black tile all over the walls and ceilings of one bathroom are not my thing, but I think I could live with it and I presume the house has more than one bathroom. The rest of the house, though, looks like real people live in it. I love the kitchen, even if it does not have the trendiest appliances; it looks like a kitchen in which actual people would cook and eat as opposed to one which simply for display and the occasional microwave reheating. The living room is very comfortable and the floors look great. While I would love a great harbor view, I think I could live with this … for the right price and presuming I had enough money to buy it.