Sources: State to Pull Plug on LICH Bid Winner


The deal to save Long Island College Hospital has collapsed, according to sources quoted in The New York Daily News. The original winning bidder, Brooklyn Health Partners, appears unable to deliver on its promises, and the state plans to turn to the runner-up, The Peebles Corporation.

What this means is there will be residential development but no full-service hospital at the site.

Saving LICH Is a “Fantasyland”: State Source [NY Daily News]
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  • Of course it did….it was never a legitimate bid in the 1st place…….
    Another diblasio ‘success’

  • What this means is there will be residential development but no full-service hospital at the site.

    Great job, government!

  • The selected bidder was clearly a shell company with zero experience.
    Anyone who knows anything about healthcare delivery in NYC (ie, the several major hospital operators that were part of bidding consortiums) could recognize long ago that a full service hospital wasn’t sustainable here.

    The future of healthcare delivery is more outpatient clinics, more urgent care centers, etc. The irrational emphasis on preserving a full service hospital has led to a lot of delay and poor decisions. Remember, this whole saga started when LICH was first owned by Continuum, who couldnt sustain it, and then SUNY picked it up and had the same problem. There’s just not enough demand. I would take several urgent care clinics and an ER run by an NYU or other major provider, any day vs trying in vain to keep a full service hospital with uncredentialed owners.

    • I agree. If there was a market for a full hospital in this area, we would have one flourishing right now. All the neighborhood needs is some kind of clinic and an emergency room. What may be even better is a clinic closer to the people who use it, in Red Hook and the Gowanus Houses. The affluent folk who live within a few blocks, go to Manhattan hospitals, and have done so for a long time.

      • They go to Manhattan hospitals for non-urgent care. The idea of having to take an ambulance over a bridge to get to NYU when you’re having a heart attack still isn’t ideal, whether you’re living in the projects or in a brownstone. I don’t think they need the full hospital, but an emergency room is a must.

    • Your comments are squarely on-the-money. Even though LICH has been a money losing, unsustainable failure for years and years, people want to keep it open? Who’s going to pay for it ?

  • NYC has too many hospital beds. This has nothing to do with DiBlasio.

  • @designerbiker @hawaiismurf

    You have it pretty much right. This was a doomed clusterf@#% from the start with a campaigning deBlasio and James and the unions working to save something that could not be saved. And the Cobble Hill Assn, too. I do think there is plenty of blame to be shared with Continuum and SUNY who both sucked out whatever life there was in the institution. Given the healthcare choices that many fortunately have, the drumbeat of bad news about LICH didnt help.

    Another thing worth pointing out is the insane RFP process that SUNY employed in its efforts to sell LICH. Capital New York got copies of the sheets used by those scoring the RFP to see what objective methodology was used. What they learned is scary. See here:

    This will end up being litigated forever as failed bidders line up to sue given the process. Meanwhile, LICH sits as an empty shell with no progress on healthcare or housing.

  • an emergency room is a must, and exists at The Brooklyn Hospital and at Methodist Hospital, neither of which require crossing a bridge

  • Laughable that Brooklyn Health Partners, a newly formed entity with little related experience, was selected as the winning bidder. Clearly, those who voted, have no idea what it takes to complete a project such as this. Can we stop the shenanigans once and for all, move to the 2nd place bidder, Peebles, and allow them to move forward?