Rental of the Day: 135 Ocean Parkway

This renovated studio for rent in a Kensington co-op is bright white, new looking and relatively spacious. The L-shaped apartment has a bunch of white built-in wall units that offer tons of storage but give the space a somewhat clinical (or very modern) look. Those little built-in tables in the living area could function as desks or shelves, and there’s a walk-in closet.

The pad also has refinished parquet flooring and a newly renovated marble bathroom, as well as central heat and A/C. The downside is that it’s a one-year sublet that requires the hassle of co-op board approval. What’s your opinion of it for $1,650 a month?

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  • Wow… I’ve never seen a studio with that kind of view – super lux! I’ve been in that building before and everyone is so friendly.

  • I looked at units in this building when I was co-op hunting, and agree the views can be great. That said, this feels overpriced for the neighborhood by about $200.

  • There is no downside to this property. The view is spectacular (thank you Verrazano), the space is perfectly laid out to feel very spacious -enough for 3 adults and 2 babies to spend the weekend, and the built -in storage alone is worth every penny of the rent. Well that and the beautiful new, pristine bathroom. Not to mention the kitchen is deluxe enough to put out a dinner party for 8 -which you could definitely set up in the living space, overlooking that beautiful bridge……….

  • With all the duds that you see on this and many other sights, this looks like a bargain. Brand new bathroom, marble tile kitchen with undercount sink and counter fridges, walk in closet, super clean lines and all the custom built ins? Looks like the perfect place for low effort move in and not to mention you don’t need a truck full of furniture to get comfortable. Oh yeah, not a bad view either. This looks like one of the more solid listings I’ve seen on this site in awhile.