New Rentals Leasing in Sunset Park

A new six-story rental building next to the BQE in Sunset Park has begun leasing one-, two- and three-bedrooms. Although development plans have been in the works since 2007 for 314 52nd Street, construction finally began last fall at the corner site.

Town Residential is marketing the apartments, which start at $1,900 for a one-bedroom, $2,550 for a two-bedroom and $3,300 for a three-bedroom, two-bath. There are eight units on the market now, but the finished building will have 17, according to new building permits. Each unit has stainless steel appliances, including a dishwasher, a laundry hookup, and private outdoor space. Building amenities include a shared roof deck and parking available for an additional fee.

The developer is an LLC who bought the formerly vacant land for the surprisingly low price of $185,000 in 2012, property records show. Click through the jump for more interior photos.

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  • Longtime lurker, driven to outrage by a $3300.00 apartment underneath the BQE, on a truly gross corner of 3rd Avenue. At least there’s easy access to porn shops and inexpensive prostitutes, I suppose. Blech.

  • It is ON the Gowanus Expressway. You cannot open a window ever. You will hear the woosh of the traffic forever. Forget about ever going on the balcony.

    I work in the neighborhood and watched it go up. I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind even considering renting an apartment in this building.

    • Great view of traffic, if that’s what you are into. And I second the “never opening those windows” not to mention the industrial strength air purifier you will need. Asthma anyone?


      • actually, with the wooshing of the Gowanus traffic, it would drowned out the airplanes.

        I know everyone makes fun of me because I constantly complain about airplane noise, that has invaded Brooklyn since 2012, but the sound really does hurt my ears, almost like a piercing sound, I cant help it, believe me, it is just as annoying to me…

        but back on topic, i should walk over to the apartment at lunchtime and get a look inside….

  • What’s that smell?
    Oh, that would be me. I’ve been standing on my balcony soaking in the stench of diesel and raw sewage. I love it!

  • Decent subway access with N and R at 59th. Ferry to Wall Street from Army Terminal. Great pint of Guinness as the Irish Haven. But, yeah, fairly desolate and that expressway, Holy Moses.

  • LOL, there is nothing even remotely desireable about this area, nothing.

  • I love just about everything about Sunset Park. The rows of brownstones and limestones up through the low 60’s, cheap stores on 5th Ave., Chinatown area around 8th Avenue, the N Express (and R local) at 59th Street/4th Avenue, the park itself, the waterfront, the cool decrepit artist buildings, even the renovated artists buildings, the ferry terminal, BAT, quick car ride to Manhattan, the old timey Brooklyn feel, everything, everything . . . except 3rd Avenue. This is a horrible horrible location for an expensive rental. Or for anything. Ick.

    • love this post, I absolutely agree.
      Second Avenue is even better.

    • Totally on point. The around the clock access to cheap Chinese, Mexican, and other ethnic food is enough to make me want to move to Sunset Park. The park itself is pretty nice too. Every time i visit Sunset Park I feel like I’m in a Queens neighborhood smack in the middle of Brooklyn. Best of both worlds.
      Terrible location for a luxury apartment. On the bright side there is a decent batting cage place around there somewhere.

  • Can you imagine this neighborhood if the expressway was made into a tunnel underneath 3rd avenue?

  • This is baffling to me. I’ve been expecting the luxury condo invasion to start up on on Fourth Avenue since the rezoning a few years ago, allowing higher buildings to rise there … but Third Ave? Enormous floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking … the Gowanus? I mean, even the listing can’t bring itself to say anything nice about the neighborhood.